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Keane Interest: WasabiCon, 10/Six Grille, It’s Fall Y’all and Inspirational Shirts for Kids

This past week we went to WasabiCon, had lunch at the new 10/Six Grille, enjoyed the cooler weather and tried out cute inspirational shirts for kids from IWillBeWhatIsee.com.

WasabiCon 2019

The con was packed when we arrived on Saturday! Try as I might, my little sidekick refused to dress up at all. This was the first time we attended a convention with just the two of us and it went surprisingly well. He only interrupted my panel about 12 times to ask me to change his Nintendo game. The panel I did on What to Expect at a Comic Con had a pretty good turnout and good audience interaction, so I was happy about that as well. Keelan played Foosball at the bar, got Japanese candy in the vendor room and made a bookmark at the library table so he had a fun time.

10/Six Grille at Sweet Pete’s

I had my baby shower at Sweet Pete’s, back when the Candy Apple Cafe was the restaurant, so I was really interested to check out the new replacement- and Alice in Wonderland themed place called the 10/Six Grille. It looked pretty similar to its predecessor, with a different menu. Very cute decor and the perfect theme to go with Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop. I’ll be totally honest and say the food was just OK, and a little on the bland side, but they’ve only recently opened and have yet to hit their stride. I definitely want to go back and try it again after they’ve been open for a bit. We had a lot of fun exploring Sweet Pete’s and checking out the new third floor that’s filled with toys and a neat “social room” that’s set up just for taking pictures.

Hello Fall!

Two days this past week we’ve had some chilly temperatures in the morning and it was absolutely wonderful. I wish it would just get chilly and stay that way for a bit. Florida has an annoying habit of just skipping fall and going straight from sweltering to cold. Here’s to hoping the cool weather will reappear for Halloween! It’s no fun sweating to death while trick-or-treating.


And now for this week’s Product of Keane Interest:

I Will Be What I See – kids clothing with an inspiring message

This past summer, 5-year-old Juli said to her Aunt carol, “I will be what I see.” Upon discussion, her Aunt learned she meant it literally and realized how we are all in a unique position to make what our children see matter, by providing a positive message.


Carol and a couple friends soon created I Will Be What I See shirts that grew to 130+ shirts featuring designs they deemed “Julidorables.” And because Juli wanted to help out kids that are sick, they decided to donate a portion of every sale to The Valerie Fund (TVF), a charity that has been treating children with cancer and blood disorders at seven hospital centers for over 35 years.


The whimsical shirts feature an “explosion of color” and designs in three categories focusing on values, occupations and interests. You can even personalize them with your child’s name. We went for the bright orange shirt with a little boy dressed as a super hero since my son literally sees me dress as a super hero all the time! And his dad is a real-life super hero in the Army.


My very picky son loved the shirt and was happy to wear it. We went with the Toddler 3T and the fit was great. They’ve also recently added adult shirts that can also be customized. See more shirts on their website and be sure to check out their Facebook Page and Instagram.

If there’s a little one you’d like to inspire with their very own shirt, check out all the designs at IWillBeWhatIsee.com and SAVE 10% with code 10GM

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