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Keane Interest: Avocado Toast, a GoRuck Patch, Christmas Decor and a Geeky Gift Guide

This past week I finally tried avocado toast, earned my first GoRuck patch, discovered Christmas cheer at the dollar store and made plans for a Geeky Gift Guide.

Brunch at ABBQ Meat & Drink

I finally got in on the avocado toast fad with a delicious offering from ABBQ‘s new brunch menu. They don’t skimp on the avocado! It’s also covered in goat cheese, tomato jam and sliced almonds. I indulged in the morning drink special and gave their Bloody Maria a try, but was not a fan. It’s a Bloody Mary with tequila and the smokey mezcal they use takes some getting used to. I will definitely be getting the toast again though!

Avocado toast brunch

The Brunch of Champions

My first GoRuck patch

The GoRuck Mother Ruckers is a local group I sometimes get together with on Sunday mornings for a ruck. It’s an easy but fast-paced walk, usually accompanied by the chaos of kids on scooters and multiple dogs. It’s a far cry from usual GoRuck events, which can last 12-24 hours and involve a lot of physical exertion covering many many miles. It’s at these events that you can earn a patch designating what event you completed. I don’t really enjoy intense physical activity so I didn’t anticipate ever earning a patch myself, but I did it! I got one!

GoRuck Mother Rucker

We participated in a special Pumpkin Ruck for Halloween, so it wasn’t quite as strenuous as a normal challenge. We had to transport a pumpkin a certain number of miles. I also had the help of a small child in a stroller holding the pumpkin, and he earned a patch as well!

Christmas Cheer for $1

I was at the Dollar Tree and couldn’t resist the Star Wars Christmas stocking! They also had the Avengers and lots of other cute geeky stockings. I took it home and hung it up right away. I wasn’t planning on doing a lot of decorating this year, but this makes me feel a little more festive.


Gearing up for a Geeky Gift Guide

The usual “Product of Keane Interest” portion of this post is put on hold this week because I want to save everything for an upcoming Geeky Gift Guide, publishing December 4. I’m also working a stocking stuffers post as well. Any companies/products interested in being included can Contact Me for details!

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