Blogging and Social: Choosing Quality Over Quantity

I haven’t been blogging and posting as much as lately. I’ve just been busy with life and not feeling the urge to share every detail. Unfortunately it seems in the world of social media, overshare is the norm and an expected part of being an “influencer” even if I am reluctant to call myself that. I never really liked the term. I’m really just a blogger who also enjoys posting pretty pictures on Instagram.

blogging and social media overshare

So lately I have only posted blogs and photos when I really like something and want to share. I thought my blog stats would take a dip, but it seems I’ve been around long enough to keep it going with older indexed posts still attracting readers. My Instagram still does good when I do finally post a photo, Pinterest seems to chug along on its own most of the time, but Facebook and Twitter both take a nosedive when they are ignored. Seems the game there is more quantity over quality, with Twitter earning the top spot requiring the most attention. If I just want to talk to myself, I post to Twitter.

I’ll admit this post today is partly just because I haven’t posted in several days. I’ll go through some kind of blogging explosion where I post every day and then it turns into a trickle. I’ve yet to  learn to set aside some of those posts and post them later because when I try to do that, the luster has worn off a bit when I finally post and it’s just not as fun as when I’m fired up about something and I post and then get to discuss it.

And as every writer knows, the fire comes and goes. I look forward to getting that burning inspiration to write five blogs posts in a day (it happens) but until then, it will just be quality over quantity.

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