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Keane Interest: Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays! We had a great visit to grandma’s for Thanksgiving, followed by the longest drive home ever. Holiday traffic is the worst! Then we kicked Christmas season off right away on Dec. 1st with a visit to the GAAM Holiday Nerd Market. Next we enjoyed the tree lighting at the Atlantic Beach Country Club and also set up our own Christmas tree. We also got to check out a new children’s book Where Will You Go Ricky Jo? There’s lots more fun to be had this month and we plan to get out and soak it all in!

GAAM Holiday Nerd Market

I’m happy to see this little nerd market grow into an annual holiday tradition. You can buy geeky goods, play video games, have a drink at the bar and get delicious grub from food trucks. If you missed it this year, keep an eye on the GAAM show happenings at GAAMshow.com and make sure you check it out next time.

We put up our Christmas tree

I was trying to avoid putting up a tree this year since my husband is deployed and I didn’t want to set it up on my own. I guess this is the first year my son is really aware of the holidays because he was concerned Santa wouldn’t be able to find our house without one. So we set up a little fake tree and it turned out to be the best thing ever. He said that Santa was going to love our tree, and I think he’s right.

our little Christmas tree

Our perfect little tree

Christmas Tree Lighting at Atlantic Beach Country Club

We may be in Florida, but that didn’t stop ABCC from making it snow for the kids! The annual Christmas Tree Lighting party was a lot of fun this year and the chilly weather, snow machine and a great spot by the fire pit made it seem like a little winter wonderland.

Product of Keane Interest: Where Will You Go Ricky Jo?

This week’s featured product is a new children’s book about an adventurous little chihuahua with big dreams.

Where Will You Go Ricky Jo, written by Tom Murdoch and illustrated by Marina Veselinovic, follows Ricky Jo as he travels by boat, horse, firetruck and more and explores the world around him before settling down to dream about adventures in far away lands.

My son was drawn in by the colorful illustrations and enjoyed the rhyming story as Ricky traveled from one fun scene to the next. He also thought it was really neat that the back of the book was like the back of the picture on the front!


Where Will You Go Ricky Jo? is available on Amazon and is the first in a series of books that will follow Ricky Jo as he travels to foreign lands and meets different types of puppies, encouraging children to do the same and explore other cultures.

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