An Easy Way to Change Serger Thread Colors on Any Serger

A serger, or overlocker, is an amazing machine that finishes your fabric edges and cuts off the excess fabric. It’s also a pain in the butt to thread. Here’s an easy way to change your serger thread colors by pulling the new thread through using the old thread.

changing serger thread

When I first discovered what a serger could do, it really upped my sewing skills and the quality of my work. My grandmother gave me my first serger and she’s also the one who taught me how to change the colors by tieing the new thread to old thread and just pulling it all through.

6 Steps to Change Serger Thread Using the Pull-Through Method:

  1. Cut old thread.
  2. Tie on new thread. Make sure knots are small.
  3. Set tension to zero on all dials.
  4. Pull thread through all at once, or one by one.
  5. Set tension to 5 and do a test run.
  6. Adjust tension as needed.

I did a tutorial on YouTube showing how to change the serger thread step-by-step:

That’s it! I haven’t been doing many YouTube tutorials lately, but being stuck at home for a while during this whole coronavirus crazy time is giving me the advantage of catching up on things like this! I filmed this months ago and just now got a chance to edit and post.

The Brother Serger 1034D, shown in the video, is my favorite serger and actually easy to thread even when you need to do it the regular way. I like it so much that when I had my costume shop I had two of them. You can usually find them on Amazon for around $200 or a refurbished one for $175. Click here to search for one! (Amazon affiliate link). These are great machines and last for a long time!

Tips to keep your serger in tip-top shape:

  1. Always keep cleaning duster spray handy to spray out all the fabric threads.
  2. Keep your machine regularly oiled.
  3. If it stops cutting the fabric cleanly, replace the knife blade.
  4. Depending on how much you use it, you should take it in to get it serviced occasionally. I used mine heavily and would take it to JoAnn Fabric once a year, right before Halloween season to get serviced. If you don’t use it often, just take it in for service if it starts sewing weird and you can’t seem to adjust it correctly.

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