Gigantosaurus Video Game is Giganto Fun for the Young Gamer

Gigantosaurus: The Game, a new family-friendly video game available on PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam, was a surprise hit with my five-year-old son. It had just the right mix of dinosaurs, molten lava, problem solving and racing challenges to keep him interested and demanding I play along. It wasn’t long before he was explaining the game to ME as I tried to keep up with him racing around to find the eggs and return them to safety.

*We were provided a copy of this game on the Nintendo Switch free to review, but opinions are my own.

Gigantosaurus the game review

Gigantosaurus: The Game

So why would it be a surprise? My son has been playing games like Halo and Need for Speed since he was three, so he likes a bit of a challenge. Often times the little kid’s games don’t hold his interest. Also, the game is based on a popular Disney Junior TV (and soon to be on Netflix!) show that he had never seen, that was based on a book we haven’t read. And he’s not even a really big dinosaur fan. But there was something about the way the game told a story, then you complete the actions, then you get to do a big race, then back to the story and action again…it just worked for him.

I’ll be honest, I would not choose to play Gigantosaurus in my free time. But the game is not aimed at 40-something moms. It is aimed at the younger crowd, and it delivers. The controls are easy to figure out, the game play makes it easy to follow by creating a sparkly trail to keep you going in the right direction, and just when you get bored of running around picking up eggs, you get to do a fun race. And if you want, you can race again and again!

Oh and another neat thing- you can play as a team where you just “bubble up” to your teammate to catch up. And when you “die” you get re-spawned in the same place, so the frustration element is pretty low.

gigantosaurus-game (1)

So What’s the Story?

Rocky, Tiny, Mazu and Bill have big, you might even say giganto, problem. A meteor has blocked up Giganto’s volcano and you need to fix it before it destroys everything. Up to four players can join in the adventure as you race to save the day! Gigantosaurus: The Game allows players to explore and race across the vast, prehistoric world of Gigantosaurus in a one-of-a-kind dinosaur adventure.

You’ll be finding eggs and returning them to nests, planting seeds, moving boulders, knocking over trees and fighting the occasional scorpion as you make your way around the dinosaurs’ world. You’ll move through different eras from the lush green jungle to the ice age and even make your way through a molten lava land.

“We have had high aspirations for this title from the beginning and wanted to ensure we captured the magic of our premier animated show,” commented Thierry Braille, Vice President Interactive and Videogame Division and Dominique Bourse COO Cyber Group Studios. “Working with Outright Games has allowed us to create something truly special that the whole family can enjoy together at home. With the launch of our first ever video game we now have the opportunity for a brand-new audience to experience the world of Gigantosaurus for the first time ever.”

The Game Details:

Gigantosaurus: The Game was release on March 27th by Outright Games™ and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe on Playstation® 4, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One and Steam priced at $39.99. It’s rate E for Everyone and the only warning is “mild cartoon violence,” but really it’s of the mildest sort. It’s a very kid-friendly game and recommended for younger gamers and fans of the Gigantosaurus TV show, but even kids who haven’t seen the show will enjoy the game play.

It’s currently on sale on Amazon for the Switch for $29.99! (<–affiliate link)

Click here to check out the launch trailer:

gigantosaurus-game (4)

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