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Weird Wacky Anime Fun with Zo Zo Zombie

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Zo Zo Zombie, a new anime for kids, launched this month on YouTube and Crunchy Roll and will be rolling out new episodes all year long. To help celebrate the big launch, they sent us this custom Zo Zo Zombie package filled with zombie-esque pieces to inspire my little monster to get into character. You can subscribe and watch new episodes weekly on YouTube at And check out our full unboxing video at the end of this post!

zo zo zombie launch box unboxing

Who is Zo Zo Zombie?

Zo Zo is a little boy who just happens to be the only zombie in town. He hangs out with his best friend Isamu and somehow manages to get into all kinds of crazy situations where often the only solution is to use a body part to get out of trouble. Organs can be used for more than just bodily functions when you’re a zombie! Who knew intestines could make such a great jump rope? or be used to take the dog for a walk?

Every episode showcases Zo Zo’s escapades in a self-contained story, which makes for a weird, wacky, short burst of good-natured gross-out fun. Each week features a new episode, so be sure to subscribe to Zo Zo Zombie on YouTube so you don’t miss any adventures of the world’s friendliest little zombie.

Fun with the Zo Zo Zombie Launch Box

The Zo Zo Zombie box looked like a lot of fun and we couldn’t wait to tear into it! I neglected to follow my own “unboxing with your child” tips and proceeded to open it live on camera without taking any advance photos. We pulled out lots of purple crinklies that I’m still finding all around the house! Buried inside was a load of candy zombie parts, bandages and hot cocoa. I’m still a little confused about the cocoa.

My son was super excited to try all the candy piece by piece and immediately tried to steal it all away and put in his secret treasure box stash. The whole point of the box was to try and get the kids to dress up like Zo Zo and get excited about the show, but he was a little unsure how to use the pieces and proceeded to just eat them. So while he did his zombie parts taste test, I put on the show so he could get inspired to try a little dress-up fun.

zo-zo-zombie (6)

Zombies never tasted so good…

He ate his way through gummy brains and assorted inner organs, then sampled barf, booger and blood themed lollipops. (actually root beer, sour apple and cherry flavors) Then he opened a cube of eyeball gumballs that would continue to pop up for the next several days around the house.

Fueled by sugar and amped up by several Zo Zo Zombie episodes, he told me he was ready to put together his final look. He said he needed to do it on his own, grabbed the packages of bandages and raced off to the bathroom. Several minutes later he said he was ready to unveil what he thought Zo Zo looked like:

zo-zo-zombie (15)

Well he got the forehead bandage right, but apparently Zo Zo needed some extra bandage help. This ended up being a mildly painful lesson about not putting sticky bandages on hair. However, I applaud his efforts at transforming into character however minor they may be. I had offered to go full cosplay and totally zombify him, but he wasn’t into it and pretty much just wanted to get back to eating more candy.

The Aftermath

Later that day I mentioned I was a little tired so he suggested a lie down for a nap. I know not to believe I would truly get a nap, but I wasn’t going to pass up a chance to try, so I stretched out on the bed and tried to ignore the giggles and scuffling going on around me. After a much too short time, he announced, “OK time to get up!” I opened my eyes to a little treat left next to me:

zombie eyeballs

We had a lot of fun with this project and my son enjoyed the short episodes. After each one ended he would yell, “That was short! Next one!” He was drawn in by the funny/gross stuff and plenty of farts as he worked his way through each episode laughing and yelling for me to come see “something gross.”

Be sure to check out Zo Zo Zombie on YouTube and check out our full unboxing video posted to the SewGeekMama YouTube Channel:

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