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About that Felt Letter Message Board…

When I first started blogging and Instagramming, I felt the need to get a felt letter message board. It seemed like everyone was using them! I even wrote a blog post called I Got a Felt Letter Board, Now What?

I used it for a sign at a party, wrote a message to my grandma for her birthday, did one silly Instagram post, and then sat it on a shelf for the next couple years. Sure I haven’t used it in a while, but I feel like if I get rid of it, then I’m probably going to immediately need to use it for something.

I had big plans to keep it all organized when I got it, so I made sure to get myself some nice little storage containers. But nobody mentioned a thing about how long it takes just to get all those little letters off the grid and put them in the containers. You are supposed to snip them off the grids, but sometimes it’s easier to just twist them off. And if you don’t organize them, then you have to dig through all the letters like a big Scrabble game trying to spell things.

So this is what I’m doing now:

I’m finally taking all those little plastic letters off the grid and putting them away. Thanks Corona cleaning spree! Since I’m spending so much time at home, I’m cleaning and organizing things I’ve been meaning to get to for years.

Anybody else doing some major cleaning and organizing lately?

PS – In full disclosure, I got really tired of twisting, snipping and trying to snap off all those letters. My message board is like 10×10, what the heck do I need all those letters for? I realized I’m never going to use all those! So I made sure I had enough of each, dumped the rest and didn’t look back. Time to check another task off the list!

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