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That One Time I Didn’t Take the Interview Seriously

I can’t remember exactly why I didn’t take it too seriously. I think a few opportunities had fallen through recently and I was feeling cautious, so a few red flags made me suspect the e-mail wasn’t legit. The person said they were working with Jacksonville Magazine, but the message was from a Yahoo e-mail address, there were a couple typos in the message and they were requesting my Top 10 Fashion Must Haves when I owned a costume store. 

And that’s how I ended up in a magazine dressed as a fairy spouting some questionable fashion advice about old jeans and vampire teeth.

I read the e-mail, thought a few things seemed odd, but figured what the heck I’ll answer back, and quickly made a funny list of my special “fashion” tips and sent them a photo of me dressed as a very fashionable fairy. Turns out, it was a feature for 904 Magazine (part of Jax Mag) called Young Guns and there I was in print with my ten silly fashion tips 🙄

904 magazine candy keane

If they contacted me now my list would be WAY different. My current must-haves consist of leggings and tank tops and a nice pair of flip-flops. I currently save the vampire fangs only for special occasions.

So what would your list look like?

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