Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks: Selfie WRLD, Ript Apparel, SHEIN and Amazon Influencer Program

Recently I got to check out a new selfie photography studio in Jacksonville, modeled a t-shirt for Ript Apparel, shopped on SHEIN for the first time and signed up for the Amazon Influencer Program because I shop on there all the time anyway.

Take Your Own Pics at Selfie WRLD Jax

Jacksonville has a new fun night out activity- Selfie WRLD Jacksonville just opened up in Mandarin and offers 20 different themed sets for taking photos. You book by the hour, and they provide you with a ring light and connect your phone to a Blue Tooth remote to snap your own pics. Read more about in in the full post: It’s Selfie Time at Selfie WRLD Jax

Get Your Geek on with Ript Apparel T-Shirts

I recently signed up as an affiliate for Ript Apparel, due to their huge selection of geeky t-shirts. You can never have enough! I picked out a cute Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy shirt celebrating Pride month to test out their quality and fit. (I got the shirt in June) I found the shirts to be soft, with a good shape, but they run a bit on the small side so take that into account when choosing a size.

Click here to here out all the cool shirts at Ript Apparel!

First Time Shopping at SHEIN

I recently tried out SHEIN for the first time, on the recommendation of a friend. They have TONS of clothing all at really low prices! You can easily get lost on there just looking at everything, so it’s good to know what you are looking for. Even then you may still get sidetracked by cute things at cheap prices!

Click here to Shop on SHEIN and Save 10%!

I got the dress in the photo, a white leotard for Power Girl, a black pleather jacket for Black Canary and a pair of wedge sandals. And I spent $60 total. I was impressed and kept everything. The shoes do have a weird fake buckle I’m not crazy about, but they fit really well so giving them a try. I got a few pieces for cosplay outfits, but this dress was supposed to be for regular wear. It just happened to go well with my Mad Hatter look!

I’m Officially an Amazon Influencer

Since I buy everything possible on Amazon, including lots of costume items, I signed up for the Amazon Influencer Program. That means I can make shoppable photos and idea lists with all the things I’ve gotten on Amazon. I get a lot of my costume stuff on Amazon! But I also get regular clothes and every day house stuff.

Click here to check out my new Amazon Influencer page!

That’s it for this week! I’m happy my son is at camp all week so I am busy catching up on things today. I’m also preparing for my best friend’s Celebration of Life. She passed away in December, and there was no funeral or service or…anything to mark her passing and celebrate the amazing woman she was. So I am making sure there will be something now! You can read more about that story in the post Honoring Your Own Grief – Geek Mamas. And I’m preparing for my son starting 1st grade! Crazy how fast time goes. And what else is crazy is the long and detailed list of school supplies kids get these days. So there are a couple big things on my plate, but it will be a huge relief once the memorial is done.

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