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You can learn anything these days on the Internet, but with all the ads and questionable content, you’re never sure what your kids might run across in their quest for knowledge. This is where comes in! This online learning community for kids, with many videos made by kids, covers all the stuff kids are into learning and present it in a safe environment through their website and app. And you can try it out 30 days for free!

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Try it free for 30 days

Learn a New Skill for Free! is a membership based global community for children ages 5-15, that you can try free for 30 days! If you decide to keep your membership, you have the option of choosing a monthly subscription for $7.99/mo. or save with a yearly subscription that equals out to $6.67/mo. ($79.99). Both subscriptions give you full access for up to four kids. And you can save even more with by clicking here to go to and use code 25OFFDIY to save 25%! If you decide not to keep your membership, it’s very easy to cancel on the website.

I had my son test out the website to see how he liked it and he jumped right into the Minecraft tutorials since that is his current obsession. They have lot of different tutorials and challenges covering everything kids are into these days from coding on Roblox to becoming a YouTuber and setting up your own channel. They also cover classic things like crafts and magic tricks, and more educational things like learning sign language.

DIY.orf course library
Choose from tons of fun courses!

For Kids, by Kids

The site features thousands of how-to videos, learning challenges and live workshops. The videos and workshops are often done by kids on DIY who are proficient at a skill and volunteer to share their knowledge with peers. Their youngest instructor was a 7-year-old who conducted a workshop on Scratch programming!

The videos are done very similar to the ones I see my son watching on YouTube, so they are catered to the younger audience and not just a boring demo. The kids talk fast, use graphics, animations and lots of camera cuts and angles to keep their attention. My son didn’t even finish his first video before he learned something new and had to jump off and grab his game and try it out. And the next time he was trying to figure out how to do something, I immediately suggested we check out to see if they had a video on it, and they did!

Learning new things on Minecraft

Unlimited Access

Your subscription unlocks everything on the DIY website and app, and you get unlimited access to everything for up to four kids. As the kids complete the courses and challenges, they can collect badges that show their accomplishments. Kids can also make and share their own videos in a safe and moderated environment, and be connected to other kids who share their interests. The community consists of children from over 148 different countries! The only adults on the platform are moderators who are online and available 24/7 to make sure DIY is safe from bullying, intruders and negativity. Also, parents are kept in the loop and e-mailed whenever their kids create a post and share.

There’s no risk in giving it a try for 30 days for free! You can cancel anytime before your 30 days is up and you won’t be charged a thing. And don’t think of it as adding more screen time, because often the videos on lead to crafts and activities offline as well. And everything they watch is teaching them something about topics they are interested in learning about.

Click here to visit and be sure to use code 25OFFDIY to save 25% if you choose to keep your membership active!

DIY website for kids
Get started and learn something new today!

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