TMNT Gets a New Look for 2021

April O’Neil here with breaking news! Recently the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teamed up with Prospect 100 for a Global Design Competition where young artists were encouraged to reimagine the TMNT and submit their digital artwork for chance to have an official merchandise collaboration. Now, the winning design by artist Lily Stock has been chosen and is available on Amazon in the form of t-shirts, bags, PopGrips and more! Click here to check it out!

News Flash! Nickelodeon sent us a box full of goodies to help launch the collection, so I assembled the Channel 6 News Team (otherwise known as me and my phone) and did an unboxing. Check it out to see all the cool stuff inside:

A few pics of the new TMNT artwork and items:

Thinking of being April O’Neil for Halloween? Click here to check out my Amazon Page where I have the costume and wig tagged! The suit is actually pretty nice, though I’d suggest looking for a pair of white boots to go with it. Boot tops always look a bit funny. I also added the cube I put on the microphone. I printed out the “6” sticker on label paper to stick on the cube.

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