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My Week in Review – Prayers, Brownie Bites, Fab Fit Fun and a Little DIY

It was a fun week with a Fab Fit Fun fun unboxing, brownies, beauty masks and a DIY scrub, but my week ended on a scary note when news came out this afternoon about a mass shooting here in Jacksonville at the Landings. It where I was just two weeks ago to see PAW patrol, on a Sunday afternoon just like this one.

Week in Review August 20 – 26

The Landings – When you see news about mass shootings on TV, it’s always scary. But when it hits so close to home, not only in a spot you just were with your child, but also to your very own community (it was at a gaming tournament filled with gamers and geeks), it just ups your anxiety to the level of “let’s stay at home and be safe.” I don’t want my son to be afraid of the world. I want him to be brave and experience life and adventure. But my stomach gets all turned up in knots just thinking what the world might be like by the time he’s out there in it and I can’t protect him. But I can’t let my fears hold him back either, so I just have to push through all that and keep going. However, there are some places I will be choosing not to go for a while…

Amazing Mexican Brownie Bites – Keelan and I did our first Instagram live broadcast while making spicy chocolate brownie bites with Miss Jones brownie mix. Stay tuned for a full recipe post later this week!

* You can also save 15% off Miss Jones chocolate cake mix right now with the Amazon promo code: 15CAKE


Even More Live Action – We also did Effie’s first live Facebook post, when her Fab Fit Fun boxed arrived. We have no idea what happened but it recorded sideways! LOL! See the sideways silliness here: Fab Fit Fun Unboxing


and then this happened…


It’s DIY Time! – I got four fun kits from Kiss Naturals to try out, and went for the sugar and salt scrub kit first. Loved it! Everything is made from natural ingredients and really easy to put together. I would have been SO excited to get something like this when I was little. Heck…I’m excited about it now! I did a highlighted story on my Instagram showing the whole process of making the scrub: Let’s Get Scrubby!

That’s it for this past week! I have to go get tortured treated at the dentist on Monday for the final piece of a cap on a back tooth. Then try and catch up on blog work Tuesday and Thursday while the kiddo is in school. And plan for MommyCon Orlando this upcoming weekend! So excited about checking that out!

So what are you looking forward to most this week? Anybody else heading to MommyCon?

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