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If It’s So Cold, Why Can’t I Hibernate

It’s cold outside and I don’t want to leave my warm cozy bed. Even if I do, getting out of my fuzzy pajamas takes a huge effort. I seriously think the bears are on to something with this hibernation thing. I mean, I choose to live in Florida for a reason. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to deal with snow and ice on top of the freezing cold. And yes, the 40s is freezing cold to me.

Fuzzy Pajamas and a Space Heater

When it’s cold outside my body doesn’t want to function correctly. My skin is dry, joints are achy, and my hands feel like blocks of ice that don’t want to work. I keep a space heater in my office and crank it up just to thaw out my hands so I can go back to typing. If I’m in the kitchen, I thaw them out over the stove. And I’m currently sitting here typing this up still in my warm fuzzy pajamas. I’ve also been known to try and pass off parts of these pajamas as regular daytime wear. The grey fleece shirt is an easy pass, but people stat to suspect something when I walk out the door in the snoopy print pants.

That’s Just S.A.D.

Does this blog post have a point? No, not really. Just me whining about being cold because I don’t feel like doing anything else and I’m a bit fed up with my own attitude. I thought maybe if I wrote about it and posted some funny memes, I could shake off this oppressing feeling of cold induced apathy. I even googled Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and it all seems pretty accurate to what I’m experiencing.

I did the grown-up thing and took myself to a doctor a few weeks ago. Got so proud of myself I even wrote a blog post about it. I went in there with a list of ailments and unfortunately accomplished nothing besides finding out my cholesterol is a bit high. My insurance denied the migraine meds and the low-dose anti-depressants, because apparently my insurance would like to ensure I remain in my current state of mild misery. It makes me feel a bit like giving up on seeking any medical help for anything, because it seems like all it leads to is paying more bills and solves nothing. I guess I’m not doing very good talking myself out of my pessimistic attitude at the moment.

Let’s be Positive

Every time I whine about it being cold, my husband pipes up with how lovely it is and then adds some garbage about it being a good thing because it makes you want to get stuff done inside. Sorry sir, it definitely does NOT do that for me. All I’ve accomplished so far today is to sit and complain in my pajamas. But, if I’m trying to be positive about it, I at least managed to turn it into a blog post, which is actually accomplishing something. Not a huge something, but a something none the less.

So maybe, once I get all this whining out of my system, I’ll try and do something constructive. I’ll start small, by switching my fuzzy PJs for sweatpants, which are socially acceptable for wearing outside the house. I am also seriously considering going to the gym, since my sweatpants work there as well. I could also do my nails so they stop looking so weather beaten and sad. Pretty nails always perk me up a bit. On that note, a pedicure sounds pretty nice. I should probably start writing some of this down on a list. I’m a list maker. Sometimes I literally make lists about making lists.

So to end this on a positive note, according to the meme above, I have reached the 4th stage of winter and should shake this off by April. But since I live in Florida, I should actually start seeing some relief in March.

I hope everyone is dealing with the cold ok. I do feel a little better after writing this. Now I must muster up the strength to get dressed and go do something with my day.

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  1. No cold for me. I’m in Southern California where summer has decided to come early. Our forecasts are saying we might even hit 90 sometime in the next few days. Wish I could send some of the warm air over!

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      • When I was growing up, the weather always seemed nice, not too cold and generally in the 60s. But, in the past couple of years, it seems that some day time temperatures want to plunge into the 50s. This winter has been the strangest as we went though the 80s one week and the 60s and 70s the next. I’m not sure if California knows what winter and temperatures are anymore. You might just be better off in Florida!

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