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Happy Valentine’s Day 2022

Another Valentine’s Day is here, and for the second year in a row I made cute little custom valentine cards for my son’s class and failed to get the tutorial up before the big day. And yet again, I made a little folder with the intention of getting it ready for NEXT year in time. I put it right next to the folder I made last year. Last year I did superhero cards with masks, this year I did sharks with real shark teeth attached and the message, “Have a Jawesome Valentine’s Day!” And one of these days, I’ll actually get the posts up in time for other people to use them for Valentine’s Day.

We have no big plans for the actual big day, and will most likely use it as an excuse to go have sushi. We will pretty much turn anything into an excuse for a sushi night. But we did at least do some advance celebrating with a heart-shaped bath bomb making date night at Buff City Soap and I took a floral arranging class for a Valentine bouquet with Got Flowers Jax. So now we are good on fancy bath products and pretty flowers. I think the only traditional aspect missing now is the chocolate, which is an easy fix.

This is another self-indulgent blog post that has no big lesson or purpose. I’ve gotten back into using my blog as my own writing therapy. I’ve just felt more like writing lately, for the pure enjoyment of writing. I do it a lot just to hear my own self think. It’s helping me make some progress in a serious slump of zero motivation. I get very sluggish in cold weather.

On that note, I made a big effort to get myself out and moving, and signed up for a tennis class that starts next week. I have not played tennis in years, but one of my neighbors was doing it and it sounded like a good idea to shake things up. Hopefully my body won’t get TOO shaken, lol.

And that’s it for my big Valentine post. Tomorrow will be back to business with a guest post about skin care. And then maybe some more of my personal rambling 🙂

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