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How to Get More Use Out of Your Tablet

The top uses for tablets are reading, watching videos and playing games, but this little device can do so much more! Our Guest Geek post this week breaks down four more uses for your tablet that might not have thought of yet.


The first iPad was launched back in 2010, and it has seen tremendous success ever since. There have been 21 new iPad models between now and then and hundreds of other tablet designs from other companies. The reason for this popularity is solely down to the number of uses these devices provide. However, there may be some uses that you haven’t thought of yet.

Sure, you can play games and surf the web on your tablet, but what else is there to do? Let’s take a look.

4 Ways to Get More Use Out of Your Tablet

Use It as A Second Monitor

A dual monitor office set-up has a lot of benefits for both work and gaming. You can take video calls while working on important projects and stream live games as you play. Having two monitors on your desk is becoming more normal; however, this can be quite expensive.

You can save money and still keep all of these benefits by using a tablet as a second monitor instead. They are about the same size as a laptop screen, and you can get second-hand iPads cheaper if you shop at a site like WeSellTek. Explore their range of options, as you don’t have to miss out on all of the opportunities a second monitor provides any longer, so try out this set-up with a tablet when you get the chance.

Use Your Tablet as a Smart Remote

TV is more complicated now than it has ever been. The age of streaming is here, which means that you need a smart TV or USB device to keep all of your apps in one place. This can become quite frustrating, especially if you have an elderly relative visiting or young kids in the house.

Tablets are designed to be user-friendly, and this makes them the perfect place to store all of your TV services. All it takes is a bit of technical wizardry, and you can turn your tablet into a smart remote for your TV.

Use It as a Digital Photo Frame

While there are a lot of uses for your tablet, you aren’t going to be holding onto it all of the time. There is also a lot of memory on these devices, so it’s a good place to store all your favorite photos. Therefore, you can set your photos up to play on a slide show and place your tablet on a stand whenever you aren’t using it. This provides you with a digital photo frame and a tablet in one.

other uses for tablet

Use It as a Keyboard

In some extreme circumstances, your tablet device can be used as a computer keypad with the right app. You may find this useful if you are more accustomed to touch screen technology, or if you are in need of a quick make-shift keyboard. It isn’t the most orthodox way of using your tablet, but it sure is helpful.


There you have just a few additional uses for your tablet, and there are many more if you go searching. Some of these require an app, or a bit of technical knowledge to set them up, but it’s worth the time to investigate the many uses your tablet has to offer.

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