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Keeping in Touch During Deployment with the Nixplay Wi-Fi Cloud Frame

My husband is currently deployed, and now that we have a son, I’m always trying to think of ways to keep him a part of our daily lives. The Nixplay Seed Cloud Digital Photo Frame is helping me do that by making “new photos from daddy” a fun part of our day. Nixplay contacted me about reviewing their photo frame, and when they found out my husband was deployed, they sent me TWO so we could both have one. It’s something I hadn’t thought to try, and we both LOVE it!

*I was sent a free photo frame to review and give my honest opinions. Compensation was provided and post may contain affiliate links.

nixplay photo frame review

What is a Nixplay Cloud Frame?

To put it simply, the Nixplay is a digital photo frame that you can send photos to using their app or website. So that means no matter where a person is, as long as they have Wi-Fi, they can get the pictures you send and they will pop up on their frame.

Nixplay has a few different models available, and we were sent the Nixplay Seed 10″ Widescreen in both black and wood effect frames. The frame walks you through set-up using a their little remote control and you also need to download the app and complete your account set-up. You then send an invite to whoever you want to be able to send you photos.

The app looks like this on your phone:


I found it really easy to set-up and start using it right away. You can send pictures to yourself on your own frame, or pictures to someone else’s frame. Those people will be in your “friends” section, and you choose who gets what after you upload your photos.

You can also adjust the settings so the frame goes to sleep after five minutes of inactivity, and whether you want pics shuffled, how long to display them, whether you want captions on or off and more. So you can really customize your experience.

Photos from Far Away

At four, our son is too young to fully grasp that daddy is thousands of miles away for work and won’t be home for many months. Sometimes he asks where daddy is, or why he isn’t coming home, and I explain that he is away for work. The neat thing about the photo frame is that Dad can now send photos from “work” – his room, uniform, buildings, and my son’s favorite thing – his guns. I’m convinced our son may think his father is some kind of super hero, and that he’s off saving the world and taking out bad guys. And given that he is a Green Beret, it’s probably not too far from the truth…


So now every day my son hops up on the kitchen counter and excitedly checks the frame for new photos:


My husband loves his frame as well, and I make sure to try and send a new pic or two every day. He ran into a little issue where the app was not yet available in the country he’s currently in, but it’s easy to get around that by sending them through a Nixplay account on the website.

It’s really been a great way to keep him up with what we are doing at home. I send him random photos from our daily activities, and sometimes we do photos with special messages to let him know we are thinking of him:

photo sent with nixplay cloud digital photo frame

I love knowing when he sees his frame our messages will pop up. The photo frames have added a new level of us being able to keep in touch during this deployment. Every time we walk into the kitchen, the frame lights up and we stop to look at and talk about the pictures. It’s such a neat way to share photos that when he gets back, we plan to send the frames to both of our parents and set it up so we can send photos to them!

Interested in getting one for yourself? Click here to check out all the great frames on Nixplay.com!

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