Apartment to Suburbs: How to Manage the Transition

I still recall our big move from apartments in San Diego to the suburbs of Jacksonville. Our very first house! It was so exciting to have our own place. The first thing we did was paint every room a different color. A very bright different color. We are now in our second house and calmed down a bit on the color chart, but I highly recommend doing your house up just the way you want when you finally get your own space. Our Guest Geek post today is about the author’s transition from their apartment to the suburbs of Austin, but the advice can be applied to any area.

couple unpacking

Apartment to Suburbs: How to Manage the Transition

After years of living in a cramped apartment, you’re finally moving into a proper house of your own. You’ve chosen one of the best suburbs of Austin, TX, and you suddenly have oodles of space to play around with. You even have a garden of your own! It’s all very exciting but adapting to living in a larger space will take some getting used to. Use these tips to help you get settled. 

1. Decide on a Purpose for Every Room

In your apartment, finding nooks to do different things was the order of the day. Your study was probably in your living room, and you used your lounge as a guest room and a space to work on your hobbies too. With a whole house at your disposal, you can spread things out a little, devoting each room to specific purposes and furnishing it accordingly. Decorating a house is more of a challenge than decorating an apartment, but there’s no need to rush things. 

2. See How your Furniture Fits Each Room and Each Function

Chances are, you’ll have to buy a few extra pieces of furniture. But before you do, decide how you’ll use what you already have. Your compact workstation could still find a place in your study even if you’re planning on using a nice, big desk instead. If it doesn’t fit into your plans, sell it or give it away. When you decide to keep items, measure them up and try to draw up a plan showing where they’ll go in your new house. It will make moving in easier, and you’ll have a better idea of what you’ll be looking to buy to supplement it. 

living room interior

3. Enjoy the Freedom of Space

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having lots of open space, even if it’s not something you’re used to just yet. Draw up a circulation plan that shows you the routes people would use to move within rooms and from one room to another. Keep these open. If your shins have become accustomed to saying “hello” to the coffee table while moving around your apartment, you’re bound to agree that this is a good move. If you’re still left with too much open space, try dreaming up a use for it even if that’s just a place to display an interesting decorative feature. 

4. Take the Love Outside

Having your own piece of the outdoors is great! Take advantage of it! Patio and garden furniture will be among the items you’ll be adding to your stock of furnishings. And, unless you’re hiring a garden service, you’ll need some garden tools too. A wheelbarrow, lawnmower, edge trimmer, spade, garden fork and rake are the basics you can’t do without. Brighten things up with some well-chosen patio plants and consider taking up veggie gardening as a hobby

5. Invite Your Neighbors Over

In suburban living, your neighbors are more important than ever before. You’ll be looking out for each other, so as soon as you have things looking presentable, invite them over for a meet and greet. It doesn’t have to be fancy: coffee and cake will do. If you’re still finding your feet in the area, you can ask them for some insider tips on where to shop and eat out. Finding a recommended doctor and dentist will also be on your agenda.

Enjoy Getting Settled

You’re going to enjoy living in a house of your own. While you will need some extra furniture, don’t rush in. It’s all too easy to go from having too much space to having way too much stuff. Never get things just for the sake of filling space. If it doesn’t have a function, you don’t need it! Meanwhile, enjoy getting to know your new neighborhood. 

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