A Blog Post About Upcoming Blog Posts

After being gone for a week, then having Covid for a week, I’m scrambling to catch up on things. Sponsored blog posts, Guest posts, and Geek of the Week have all piled up on me and I’m going to have to double, possibly triple post just to get caught up! So if you subscribe and suddenly get bombarded with random posts about a wide variety of topics from decorating to choosing the best underwear…sorry about that! lol

My normal posting schedule spaces things out so I’ll have 2-3 personal posts in between the sponsored posts, which is what I consider the blog’s “commercial breaks.” So hang tight as we have an extended commercial break time! These sponsored guest posts are the main thing that pays for the blog, so I can continue mostly writing about whatever the heck I want to write about.

I’m working my way through them today and through the weekend and hope to get all caught up soon!

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