Facebook Scam: Tony Terry Online Musical Concert Sponsored by Nike

The newest scam to pop up in my inbox is an e-mail from “Liam,” claiming to be Tony Terry’s manager representing an online musical concert to be held on Facebook in March. The event is supposedly sponsored by Nike, and they offered to pay me $2,000 for each episode. Wow, how could I not pass up this amazing opportunity to get my Facebook page stolen again? lol

scam alert

Online Musical Concert Scam

The text of the initial e-mail goes like this:

“It’s an online event sponsored by Nike where we can do the online podcast; it will be a random discussion about music, dance entertainment, public life, nature, struggles of life, etc. beside you, there will be 4 or 5 more artists from different parts of the world will be joining us. It’s paid event. We will pay you USD 2k for each episode; max 1-hour podcast Event will be held from 20 Mar till 30 Mar every day, 8 pm till 10 pm Est. Please let us know when you are available on these days we can set you up for any day you want. It’s live on Facebook, and all the artists will be joining from their respective Facebook pages; nearly 2 million people will watch that for sure. Thanks.”
Regards, Liam Dawson
Tony Terry Management

I suspected a scam, but of course I replied back for research purposes and let them know I was interested. Here’s the reply:

Hey Candy,

Thank you for your email and for confirming your availability for our online musical event on March 20th. We will send you the event details shortly, including the exact time of your episode.

Regarding your question, we already have a Facebook event organized by Mr. Tony Terry and you can find it on the Paid online event in your Facebook professional dashboard. We understand that you may have additional questions or concerns, and we would be happy to schedule a Zoom meeting to discuss these further. Please let us know your availability, and we will coordinate a time that works for both of us.

I appreciate your interest, and we look forward to having you join our event.

Regards, Liam Dawson
Tony Terry Management

A quick visit to Tony Terry’s Facebook page proved it was a scam:

Another scam exposed!

I hope you found this post BEFORE you changed any of your Facebook settings and let them into your page. I have contacted the person who posted to find out how she got her page back, so hopefully I’ll have that info to share with you all soon. Just remember, never let anyone “help” you change your Facebook settings! The only thing they’ll be helping is to relieve you of is your page ownership.

**And if you are reading this and it saved you the headache of losing your page, please drop a comment and let me know! You can also find me on Facebook at (cosplay) and (mom blog)

Oh look! I just got another message from Tony Terry today. I guess they forgot about our March date! Lol

tony terry facebook scam

About the Author

Candy Keane is a digital content creator and long-time cosplayer, most well-known for being on the cover of the Star Wars documentary Jedi Junkies. After making costumes professionally for over a decade, she now writes about about geek culture and mom life, and continues to cosplay for fun, while sharing her love of costumes on Instagram @SewGeekMama. Her first children’s book, I’m Going to My First Comic Convention, was published in 2020 and won a Story Monsters Approved award for Excellence in Literature.

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  1. Thank you so much for your post. They contacted me too. I think Tony Terry should issue a statement against this scam. They re spoiling his name.

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