How to Wear Pointed Elf Ears

If you need to complete that elf or fairy cosplay with pointed ears, there’s a super easy way to do it with pointed ear cuffs. They slip right on and are much easier to wear than the ear tips you have to glue on with spirit gum. We sell them on for $5 (my new cosplay shop!), and they are available in short and long styles and in pink, tan and brown.

Slip on Fairy Ears

Each set of Elf or Fairy Ear Cuffs just wraps around the back of your ear. The are lightweight an easy to wear for an extended period of time. The way to make them look the most realistic is to cover part of the ear with hair in front. But if you have short hair don’t worry- the front piece doesn’t come too far down so you can wear them without any coverage as well.

The come in tan, pink and brown colors, but you can cover them with makeup if you want to color match the ears to your skin color. The colors vary a big with the ears, and some of the tan ones are lighter or darker.

Fairy Ear Tutorial

Check out the Reel below to see how to put on the ears:

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