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The Ten Year Challenge: 2009 vs 2019

On Facebook and Instagram I keep seeing people’s “2009 vs 2019” or #10yearchallenge posts and it got me thinking about how different things are now. Ten years ago I was building a costume business, partying late two or three times a week and traveling all over for conventions. A decade later, and I’m living a … Continue reading The Ten Year Challenge: 2009 vs 2019

DC Bombshells at DragonCon

From DragonCon to MommyCon

Since 2005, this time of year has meant one thing, and one thing only: DRAGONCON! From the first moment I stepped foot into the amazing costume/cosplay/fandom/craziness that is DragonCon, I felt at home. I remember checking into my hotel and immediately running up to my room to change […]