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Hi, I’m Candy Keane and I’m a…Mommy Blogger

A couple weeks ago I was at a ComicCon type convention judging a cosplay contest and at the beginning they handed the microphone to the judges to introduce themselves. As soon as I put the mic to my mouth and said “Hi, I’m Candy Keane and…” I just froze. I looked out at all those people and had not one idea what to say about who I was or what I was doing there, besides “I’m a mom.” I was suddenly having a full-blown identity crisis in front of hundreds of people.

Candy Keane super mom cosplay


My mind started racing as the MC took over for me and started rattling off my years of involvement in the cosplay community and experience in costuming. My face started to burn. I used to have such a solid answer. I own a small business. I run my own boutique. I’ve achieved success in my field and am a well-known cosplayer and costume designer. I was there as a cosplay guest! I could have easily led with that, but my mind just blanked. I wanted to say I blogged but couldn’t seem to get it out.

After that experience, I realized I need to embrace my new identity as mom and blogger and be able to shout it loud and proud. It’s not the mom part I wasn’t confident about. There’s no denying that part! It was being a blogger.

Blogging is the kind of thing where anyone can set up a free page and write a few lines and call themselves a blogger. So how do you distinguish when you are a “real” blogger? Is it when you are getting paid for writing? Because so far I’ve only been paid in free products. I don’t like ads on my page so I’ve turned down offers of advertising. I haven’t been published on any big blogs. I don’t write about anything newsworthy. Half the time I’m writing about pooping and tantrums.

So what makes me a blogger? I guess the answer is Me. I’m the one who makes that distinction. And people are not going to believe it unless I truly believe in myself.

So let’s try this again: “Hi, I’m Candy Keane and write a blog called”

I think that’s a good start.


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  1. how amazing is this, I feel sometimes we as mothers lose our selfs to that title ” I am a mom” but for a while thats all we are. I feel that way lately, am I sexy any more? Am I fun besides ABC songs or happy meals? why don’t I go to black tie events or such. But right Now ” I am a mom” is the greatest title. Thank you for writing this. its so nice to feel like I am not alone. Your blog gives me so much motivation.

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    • Thank you! I agree, it is the greatest title. The tough part is finding out who you are as a mom. It really is a new identity and sometimes I struggle with it. I had a pretty set identity that I was happy with for a long time. And while I absolutely love being a mom, I’m still trying to make sure there’s some “me” in that new identity 🙂

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  2. Say HI Candy just say hi lol that’s probably what went through your mind when I used to say to you just say hi Candy and who you are is a wonderful mom. And you’ve always been great at writing anything and everything and now you have my wonderful grandson to write about

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