What a brat! Wait… You mean they’re all like that?

screaming-toddler-saluteWhat a brat. Yep, I thought that many times while looking at your kid screaming for apparently no reason in public. Most likely while I stood there, comparing prices and calmly reading labels because nobody was screaming for me while trying to climb my body like a monkey. This was, of course, before I had a baby and found out there is absolutely no way to avoid an occasional public meltdown besides never ever leaving the house again.

So I ventured out. And there were tantrums, and there were the looks. I know those looks! But the moms know. And the dads too. You can see in their eyes they feel your pain. You can also see a hint of “I’m just glad it’s not me this time,” and that’s OK because we’ve all been there too.

So, tantrum toddler moms, I salute you! You are out there just trying to keep it together while your kid has a nuclear meltdown. Ignore the stares from the ignorant. They know nothing! But, if they are lucky, they will learn one day. And one day, when they have a rare quiet moment, they’ll think back to all those judgey looks and then write a blog where they apologize for everything. Or maybe that’s just me.

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8 thoughts on “What a brat! Wait… You mean they’re all like that?

  1. 😂So true!!! I was going to have perfectly behaved kids. They would never scream in the store. They would sit still in church, be polite and always use their manners. Let’s all laugh!

  2. I thought parenting was pretty easy with my first one — he was generally well behaved, rarely had tantrums, ate his veggies. “I’ve got this.” And then I had a second one. She is the opposite. Not so easy anymore.

    1. I’ve heard that’s the way it happens. That they will be different. I also suspect this is a trap just to get people with tough first ones to have another….lol

  3. Oh absolutely… Same here! There are so many pre-kid things I swore I’d never do (having a sometimes-brat kid is def one of them..)… Sigh.

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