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Surprizamals Set the Standard for My Toy Reviews

I ran across this old blog post from the very first free toys we were ever sent for a toy review- a box of Surprizamals eggs. I do sometimes do regular reviews, but more often than not, I work the review into a personal story about us testing out the product. It started with this post and continues to be my preferred reviewing technique.

suprizamls surprise toy eggs

What is a Surprizamal?

A Surprizamal is a round ball (or egg) stuffed with a soft toy. The surprise is not knowing which one is inside! They have several different series you can collect, all featuring different cuddly little animals. They retail for $4.99 and are recommended for age 3+. The age group for these is a little older than my son (*when I originally did this post), but I knew he’d totally be into the surprise egg part thanks to his obsession with Ryan’s Toy Review on YouTube.

So this is how the toy review went:

Day 1, The Surprizamal Reveal

He saw the red egg and immediately lost it yelling “Surprise egg! Surprise egg!” Found a Fenley Fox inside. He liked it so much he slept with it. We also did a little YouTube video, where he finds a unicorn:

Day 2, Let’s Share the Fun

Next I decided to take one to the playground to see what the other kids thought. We got a cute little Lola Lady Bug (ultra rare!), which one of the other kids promptly ran off with to bury in the sand. Before I knew it all the pieces were everywhere. Tags, egg halves, Lola… I did manage to get our lady bug back before we went home but her egg was nowhere to be found.

Day 3, Opening the Rest

On Day 3 he got a unicorn. He also decided he doesn’t like the tags, which really are long and cumbersome so I had to remove them.

Day 4, Surprizamals Everywhere

Egg halves are scattered around the house along with three foxes, a lady bug and a unicorn. The little animals are so soft that every time I step on one I think I’ve stepped on a cat paw or tail. Keelan mostly likes to put them back in the egg and then open it again. I actually think his favorite thing is the egg container.

The Final Verdict:

The description says “hours of fun” but that’s kind of stretching it. But really, is anything hours of fun to a toddler? It’s more like, repeated fun with the bonus of an egg to play with and refill! I don’t think he quite gets the collecting aspect, but I can guarantee you if we see these at the checkout line he’s going to be begging for one. You can find them at WalMart, Amazon and on the Surprizamals website.

Toy review on plush toys inside Surprizamal eggs

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