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SAHM Life: It’s All About the Activities

Since I don’t intend on just sitting around the house now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I am on the hunt for activities for my son and I to do during the day. There’s always the scramble to get the house/work/life stuff done, but I don’t want him sitting around watching me try to get things done. I’m intent on experiencing things together. So I spent this morning scouring the Internet for toddler-friendly activities that are also free or pretty cheap. I’m trying to save money on daycare and not make it up in pricey activities! I actually had a great (and free) morning at the park, where we jogged around the lake a couple times and then he played so much that he took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Score!!

So far I’ve found:

  • Barnes & Nobles has free story time
  • All the local libraries have free story time and arts/crafts
  • Our museums have a free day but not sure how excited he’d be about that
  • The science museum has fun stuff but he’s still too young for the events I saw posted
  • There’s a bouncy place called Rebounderz that has special toddler times for $8
  • There’s an art class I really want to do called Color Splash but you have to buy the whole month and it’s $90-$110! I wish they just had per class options.

So, I’d love to hear from other SAHM’s about where they find activities and what I should check into!

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  1. You have a good list going! I am in Canada but our local YMCA has free swim times for residents of our town. Our town also does seasonal activities like gymnastics, dance, soccer etc. Some classes can be pricey but some are reasonable (WAY cheaper than doing the activities through a private studio or club) and then you have 6, 8 or 12 weeks of something to do on a certain day. I joined local FB pages – Buy and Sell and Community pages where people post various info about all sort of different things that you would otherwise never hear about. Sometimes there are posts about community events. Also, if you’re outgoing, start your own local “Mom Village” type group on FB. I am part of one and we do monthly “Cake and Coffee” hang outs and rotate hosting the moms and babes at each other’s homes. We also have “Ontario Early Years Centres”. A place for drop in play times and registered programs (all funded by the government and free to use). Maybe there is something like this in your area?

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    • I don’t think we have anything like the Early Years Center, but that sounds pretty awesome! Then again, I’m still learning about stuff out there. I have tried a few Facebook mom groups. I actually go kicked out of one for not participating up to their standards or something…it was totally ridiculous BS. Something that will make a worthy blog post soon 🙂


  2. Look up your local MOMS chapter. They are specifically for SAHMs and should offer fun things for both you and baby. Also you’re in Jax, right? (I literally have no idea how I know that except I used to live there and kind of remember that you do? Maybe?) Check out Bey and Bee (or something like that). Might be good in the winter. I’ve not been there but heard good things.

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    • I am in jax! I forgot to add Bay and Bee to my list. Their first visit is free which is great. Planning on checking them out soon. I’ve never heard of the MOM chapter though. Will look that up right now, thanks!

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    • I have been checking the jax mom blog but the calendar is so packed with every little thing it is hard to find what you want. I didn’t know about jax4kids though. Bookmarking now! thanks!


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