The Mom Cycle

Every day starts with grand intentions about “getting things done.” Then I spend the whole day in constant motion, on full mom mode- keeping the toddler happy, cleaning here and there, taking care of home stuff, trying to get blog stuff done, taking care of the dog, cats and fish.

And then I feel like I got nothing done, am totally exhausted and ready for bed, and then just do the whole thing over again. It goes something like this:

5AM – I’ll sleep just a little more and get everything done after he goes to bed tonight.

6:30AM – 8:30PM Spend all day entertaining toddler

8:30PM – He’s asleep! I feel like doing nothing!

9:30PM – I should go to bed early so I can get a good rest and wake up early and get things done!

5AM – I’ll sleep just a little more and get everything done after he goes to bed tonight…

and so on…

** It’s currently 9:28PM (when I wrote this) and I actually finished a blog post so I’ll just go pat myself on the back now…and go to bed 🙂



The Time I Unintentionally Made Poop Emoji Cupcakes

I’ve been doing little sampling parties lately, and each time I try to have fun with a new theme or activity. When I got the chance to sample and share Miss Jones Baking Co. organic cake mix and frosting through, I got some crazy idea to try doing fancy frosting. I thought it would be fun to engage everyone with the product by letting them try out decorative frosting tips.

toddler and frosting
Nice display Mom…I’m about to ram it with my cars OK?

Am I a baker? No. Do I even know how to use a frosting bag? No. Did I go ahead and order a fancy 32 piece cake decorating set off Amazon? You bet I did!

I also went all out with a giant pan for 48 mini muffins. One box of mix says it will make 48 muffins, but I actually had a little extra! And I made sure I filled each tin at least halfway. The instructions say they may not rise as much as some brands since they leave out all the artificial ingredients, but mine puffed up nicely.

wonder-bakerThe icing instructions say to heat it for 5-10 seconds first for regular spreading. I needed it a little smoother to squirt out of the bag, so with the vanilla I heated it for ten seconds, then ten more and it was perfect. As I was trying to figure out how to get into the bag, my friend Bridget had a brilliant suggestion to put the bag over a cup. Apparently, she’s seen this done before!

frosting-coverMy vanilla icing attempts looked pretty decent as long as you take into account I’m making it up as I go along. Bolstered by this instant success, I popped the chocolate in the microwave for a straight 20 seconds.

And that’s when things got weird.

Heating it for 20 seconds was too much and it got really melted and just oozed out of the bag. We tried popping it in the freezer to harden it up a bit but every attempt looked like a little turd on top on a muffin. And then someone shouted “it looks like a poop emoji!” And that’s when I realized I’d stumbled upon some Pinterest level poop if I just stuck a couple eyes on each one.

poop emoji cupcake

Everyone enjoyed the muffins and getting up close and personal with the frosting experience. I stashed the few cupcakes that were left in the fridge and the next morning the chocolate icing had hardened up and was like a big Hershey kiss on top! Delicious! As a side note – you do not need to refrigerate any leftover frosting because it is dairy-free.


I don’t think I have a future in cake decorating, but I did feel like I learned enough to take on some Pinterest board cupcakes.

*As usual, any link to Amazon is an affiliate link!*

The Greatest Shower of All

bathroom selfie in a towelI showered today! And why is that a monumentous occasion? Because I wanted to take a shower and I did! I didn’t have to ask anyone to cover for me, or wait until 9PM! I even shaved! That’s a lot of exclamations! But you get the point, this is exciting stuff.

As a mom, you often feel like your basic human rights have been taken away. You no longer eat, sleep or shower on the your own schedule. So today, a tiny piece of freedom has been handed back to me. Something I used to take for granted. The option to shower when I please, as long as I can keep the kid entertained for at least 15 minutes. It was glorious.

It’s a big day we’ve slowly been working up to. Today was the first time I didn’t get out three times to check on him while dripping water all over the floor. Next time I’m going to get crazy and try to shave AND wash my hair! Whoah!

Things are looking up over here. It does get better. You do get your normal life back, piece by tiny piece. And I’ve never appreciated those tiny pieces so much!

P.S. – I contemplated titling this “the golden shower moment” but probably don’t need that kind of traffic 😂

Gray Dawn: The First Silver Strands

This is how the conversation went in the car the other night:

Me: The blond around my face looks like it’s growing out really silvery. Like sparkly blond.

Husband: You mean gray?

Me, HORRIFIED wide-eyed, mouth open response: It. Is. Not. Gray. I said silvery dammit. It is just really light blond.

Husband: So silver? Like gray? You’re going gray?

Me: Stop saying gray! It’s not gray! Conversation over!

But yeah, it was totally gray.

going grey

For the last 20 years I’ve been various shades of blond. I kept up with it religiously, only letting it grow out a bit when I was pregnant. As soon as I hit the 2nd trimester, I was attacking those roots with a vengeance.

Now that I have a toddler, and a heck of a lot less “me time” I decided to go back to my natural light brown with highlights. I’ve always had natural blond bits around my face. Recently I discovered those parts might not actually be blond. When I let them grow, turns out I may have been going gray for years.

When I mentioned this new development to my friend Cindy, who rocks a full head of the silvery stuff, she told me they were “naturally effervescent strands of delight.” And while I love the description, I’m not sure I’m ready to be that effervescent.

I made a salon appointment for next month to go get my hair a little more blond all over and blend in those sneaky strands. I’m 42 and not quite ready to embrace the whole “aging gracefully” thing. I’m still putting up a pretty good fight, and on the forefront of that battle is my love affair with the perfect blend of blond.

So when did you discover your first strand of gray? I’m pretty sure there is a direct correlation between having children and suddenly sprouting silver! 😂


Shhh! Baby Sleeping! Go Away or Suffer the Consequences

baby sleeping wooden signAlthough the real sentiment here is “Ring the bell, I break your face,” this is a much nicer way of putting things. My Baby Sleeping wooden sign upgrade from looks so much better than my old hand written sign I used to tape to the door. This one is a 3-D wooden design cut from birch and stained dark walnut. My old sign was an piece of scrap paper scribbled on with black Sharpie.

Now that my son naps only on occasion, I forget the utter panic at the thought someone might come to the door. Because we have dogs, a knock on the door, a bell ring, or even just a leaf fluttering too close to the window can elicit a series of barks and howls sure to wake any sleeping child. Any time that’s happened, I fly down the stairs and then run around like a mad woman yelling (as quietly as possible) “shush, shush, shushhhhh!”

In an effort to lessen the chance of visitors during those extremely valuable napping moments, I have been taping this sign to my front door for the last 3 years:

handwritten baby sleeping sign

In fact, sometimes just so I didn’t forget to put it up, I’d leave it there for days on end, until it finally fell off and was unusable. It worked fine, but I kept having to replace it and it just didn’t look nice on our door. We are replacing our door tomorrow with a very pretty custom front door and I did not want to tape my ugly sign back up!

So I’m excited to have a pretty sign, for our pretty front door. And this one will last longer than my son’s napping years and will most likely be passed on. Or possibly saved and put out when I just don’t want to be bothered. Yes, I totally do that, lol.

Gifted Occasion also sent me a totally gorgeous personalized family sign that I’ll be posting soon, along with a chance for my readers to win a $100 Gift Certificate to go shopping on their website! Look for details on the next week. 😁