Under the Influence – Finding a New Blogging Niche

toddler in sunglasses
My son, ready to be a toddler influencer superstar

Back in the day, influencer positions mostly belonged to actual celebrities like movie stars and famous models. Thanks to social media, the new influencers on the block are regular people that like to post their stuff online, like me.

I fell into the influencer niche because I’m a sucker for free samples. Like honestly, if you are giving it away, I’ll try it. I love trying new things. I’m also the person hoarding those little bottles of shampoo and shower caps from hotel rooms just because they’re free for the taking.

When I started blogging, it was from a very personal angle and I didn’t intend to do product reviews. When offers started coming in, I wanted to find a way to satisfy the campaign requirements without turning my blog and social media pages into big boring ads. I’ve made an effort to craft honest, informative and entertaining reviews from my own personal perspective.

There have been a few things I’ve turned down. There was a campaign for new tampons and I just couldn’t see myself posting stylized pics of tampons on my Instagram and discussing my personal flow details. And I think we’d just skip the YouTube review for that lol. And then there was the dating site for people seeking sperm donors. For real.

If you are thinking of giving the influencer thing a try, Influenster has been my favorite company to work with and the only one I’ve really stuck with. You don’t have to have millions of followers to work with them either! They send free stuff in exchange for reviews or social media post.

I’d love to hear your recommendations of companies you have tried!

And now I’m off to go try out a new stinky shoe cleaner. Because this influencer life is straight-up glamorous. 😂

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12 thoughts on “Under the Influence – Finding a New Blogging Niche

  1. Hahaha, if you find out who reviewed the sperm donor website, you have to share it with us.
    I like reading reviews from people I can relate to versus like… a Kardashian. So, review on, girl!

  2. Oh man I rob hotels and hoard small toiletries like some sort of mentally deficient cat burglar. I’ll have to check out the companies you named here

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