Mommy Bloggers are Crazy

For many years I had a blog for my shop. Boutique news, convention wrap-ups, costume stuff, etc. So I thought I knew what I was getting into with this new mommy blogger thing, but noooooo. Just like everything else that relates to parenting, I was wrong about the crazy world of The Mommy Blog.

crazy mom blogger

Mom blogging is a different world

There are networks, tribes, pods, loops… and you have to learn to navigate through them. It’s easy to get sucked into the networking thing and then next thing you know all you are doing is posting and liking and commenting (instead of actual blogging) in exchange for the same on your stuff.

And these people aren’t necessarily interested in what you are actually posting. They’re only interested in the reciprocal like or comment or share. It’s all a big numbers game where people want tons views and followers so they can be seen as an “influencer.” The more influence you appear to have, the more likely you are to get paid for things and get more free stuff.

Is fake engagement worth the effort?

I lasted about ten seconds on an Instagram follow loop. And most of the follows I earned from that have already unfollowed me anyway so it was a total waste of time. It seems like Twitter has a never ending supply of parent bloggers tweeting and retweeting every little thing. I’ve been pretty stingy with my blog follows, only following back the blogs that appear to have content I’m interested in reading on a regular basis.

I’ve been able to stay out of the mama drama for the most part. I participate in one Facebook group with a small group of blogging ladies that are pretty awesome. Our rules are relaxed and we haven’t had to do the dreaded Facebook ban on anyone.

I don’t plan on getting sucked into it since I don’t have the time to go leave fake likes and comments all day. And I prefer my readers to be real as well. So if you are reading this, liking and commenting, then thank you! I really enjoy reading the comments and knowing they aren’t just some reciprocal compulsion.

I still have a lot to learn in the business of mom blogging and blogging in general. My goal is to keep things fun and keep enjoying it and definitely Not get too obsessed with stats and shares and how many likes something gets. Of course I pay attention to that stuff! But really, it’s just exciting to be writing something people are actually reading. So again, thank you for being here!


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  1. When I started off I did those FB groups and it took all of my time. Now I don’t bother at all
    I notices a real different between bloggers trying to be big bloggers and the amazing community you find on WordPress. That being said i have been shit at keeping up with all the WordPress blogs I love lately


  2. [ Smiles ] Keep it real and follow your heart.

    Now, in regards to following blogs, it is always wise to follow those that you are genuinely interested in.

    Also, do not follow blogs that you know that you are unable to find the time to visit (For example, do not go subscribing to 2000 blogs when you know that you can only check out 6).


    • I am guilty of following too many blogs! Then I usually end up just checking out the first few that pop up in my WP reader. A lot of times I use my comments as a resource too, so I’ll go to that persons blog later and see what they are up too 😁


  3. Thank you for this! I see so many mom bloggers on Instagram with thousands of likes and I’m baffled because the content leaves me a little meh. Quality over quantity and deeper connections I’m all for!


    • Yes! It’s crazy the way some of that stuff works. Seems every platform has a system for artificially jacking up their likes. I just didn’t see the point of it!


  4. Interesting. I would have assumed it would be a lot calmer and sweeter because you are, in a way, leaning on each other.

    I guess no matter the topic, monetized blogs can become more about the cut-throat than the sharing/connecting. That’s too bad.


    • Yeah it seems some of the blogs just become this monetized machine and any sense of the actual person behind it disappears. You have to seek out the ones that haven’t totally sold their soul lol


  5. This is why I call myself a blogging mom instead of a mom blogger. Motherhood is an insane cult. I mean exclusive group. I mean, seriously… I associate with interesting people regardless of whether they have procreated or not and I find it much more fulfilling. Getting involved in mom only groups just makes me run for the hills. I don’t understand them and it just feels like a headache and more work than any of us should have time for.


  6. The worst are the follow for follow. What’s the point of following someone if you’re not going to like their stuff or engage? Like in a truthful way. I started participating in those are first because I thought it would be a great way to get to know other fellow bloggers and get engaged with their stuff but quickly realized they were just looking to increase their numbers. If I leave a comment like an honest one asking a question of what they posted they don’t even answer back! Lol


    • Same here! And I’ve had the same one follow and unfollow me several times. What’s the point? I used to not pay attention to the unfollows but I actually got on of those apps for Instagram because mom bloggers seemed notorious for following then unfollowing. It’s a total numbers game.


  7. Why is this so real? I’m new to the blogging world. But I journaled everyday, so I decided to share my stories and journal entries. Not to for any reason but for simple joy for myself and if others enjoy my writing and stories then that’s amazing. I’d have to say that although you didn’t mean to but by sharing this it gave me some advice and reminded me what is truly important when it comes to blogging.. Enjoyment.. and to stay away from fb groups!


    • It’s easy to get sucked in! In all my years of blogging I’ve never run across a group more focused on views/likes/comments and tricky ways to get them. But on the positive side, I’ve also never found a more supportive group of writers. 🙂


  8. Hi,
    I am new to blogging and this is one of the first blogs I actually read all the way through. I just made my first posting today and decided to blog just to have an outlet and a hobby honestly. I enjoyed the read!


  9. I just started a “mommy blog” today. I never imagined myself becoming a mommy blogger! I just hope to entertain people with humor and photography. Not really into the numbers game. I think that is why previous blog failed, I was too busy worrying about the stats than about my content-plus the content subject was so BORING. LOL Best of luck to your mommy blogging adventures and thanks for keeping it real!


    • I just fell into it myself! Lol. I’ve always kind of struggled with the term too, so lately I’ve been calling myself a “parenting and lifestyle blogger”. It’s a euphemism for mommy blog 😂


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