Easy Easter Art Project – Painting Bunny Ears

I’m always looking for new ways to get my son interested in the crafty stuff, so when I found a pack of plain bunny ears in the craft aisle, I thought painting them would be a fun and easy Easter art project. My friend Effie and her son Alex joined us for a slightly messy and fun crafternoon.

Easy Easter art craft painting bunny ears

These ears have a nice plain white flat surface on the inside, but the pink color ones work just as well! The important part is the nice flat surface, perfect for decorating and adding a little flair to your Easter style. You could also add extra embellishments like glitter or rhinestones, but we just kept things simple and went with Crayola washable paint.

toddlers painting bunny earsWe squirted blobs of paint on a plate, handed the boys a paintbrush and let them go at it. And they actually did it! Any time I can get my son to do an art project, I feel like it’s a major mom accomplishment, lol. I think they both enjoyed the bright colors and messiness of the project. And we enjoyed how easily it all washed off the plate, the tile and the kids.

Keelan stuck his on his head right away, but instead of wearing them thought it would more fun to try and shake them off. I’m happy to report the washable paint also washes easily out of hair and clothing!

Now we have our fancy personalized bunny ears thanks to our easy Easter art project, and are ready for our first big Easter egg hunt next week!

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