First Time Trying Contouring with Guize Face FX

I’m pretty behind on the contouring craze, but I’ve been wanting to try it for a while. When Guize Face FX contacted me about trying out their Signature Contour Collection, I let them know I had no experience with the technique and pitched the angle of showing how easy it is for a first-time user to give it a try and get good results.

Guize face fx contouring collection in moonlight sewgeekmama

I chose the Moonlight Powder Collection for lighter skin, and then got the idea to do a video for YouTube with my friend Effie, who had also never contoured. We both have toddler boys, so there’s a lot more screaming and squealing than I’d like in the video, but that’s what you get when two stay-at-home-moms get together and try to accomplish anything.

It is definitely NOT a how-to video! But it does show the product in action and how easy it is to follow the little instruction booklet and actually get good results. We both definitely learned something from our little experiment and have incorporated a little more contouring into our make-up routine. I’ve actually started using the moonlight palette as a quick all over the face boost, especially around my eyes, because it goes on so smoothly and doesn’t settle into creases.

So I hope you enjoy our slightly goofy, non-instructional, contouring experiment video:

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