Lululemon Made Me Feel Fat – And Then They Changed My Mind

This article was originally posted 6/28/18. Within about five hours I got a phone call from the manager of our local Lululemon store. She assured me their leggings should NOT be doing what I describe here, and invited me to come back and be properly fitted. So I did, and Wow. So impressed with both the company’s customer service and the product. You can click here to read my follow-up, but first, here’s the original post that led to my recent Lululemon education:

Let’s start this by saying I don’t actually consider myself “fat.” I acknowledge that I do actually have fat accumulated in places I’d rather it not, but in no way is this a “Woe is me, I’m fat,” kind of post. It actually started as a celebratory post, because I wanted to reward myself for keeping up with the gym and seeing some results, so I went to make my very first visit to the Lululemon store and indulge myself with some fancy expensive leggings. It kind of goes downhill from there.

lululemon clothing

The Lululemon shop has a wall of leggings like GAP has a wall of jeans. I tried not to get overwhelmed reading the descriptions and just decided to start picking styles out based on their pattern. The sales person must have noticed my extended staring and mumbling and came over to offer much needed help. She suggested I try the famous “Wunder Under” in a size 6, so I grabbed several in that size, plus one up and one down.

She mentioned the pants were designed to feel like second skin. I struggled in vain with the size 4, then the 6 and finally managed to get on an 8. Apparently I am only a fan of my current skin, because once I finally got a pair on, they felt extremely tight and kind of invasive. Like, I don’t want leggings all up in my bits like that. I probably should have tried on a 10, but I had worked so hard to come down from a 10/12 that I just couldn’t do it. I also was not leaving there without leggings and felt like maybe I needed to just get used to the fit, so I purchased the 8, plus a cute top to match and planned to give them a test run at the gym the next day.

I have to say, Wunder Under is pretty accurate. Every time I wear them, I wonder how they keep ending up under my belly. Just the slightest lean forward and it’s flop, flip, belly squish right out the top and over. It’s not cute. I’m not sure if they are too small, or if I am just too long waisted and the top part is hitting me in a wierd spot, but it is incredibly frustrating to have my pants flop down and accentuate the very part I’m trying to work off.

lululemon leggings
One wrong move, and the belly squish escapes

So if I stand up straight, no bending, the leggings actually look really good and I’ve actually gotten compliments on them, which is probably way I keep squeezing my butt into them every so often. Until the first belly flop and then I’m like Ohhhhhh yeah…that’s why I don’t wear these a lot. I always feel like I’m doing really good at the gym thing until I wear those out the door.

So what’s your experience? Are you a Lululemon fan? If not, what’s your go-to leggings brand?


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15 thoughts on “Lululemon Made Me Feel Fat – And Then They Changed My Mind

  1. I have never shopped or worn Lulumon but I REALLY don’t like uncomfortable workout clothes, so I understand your frustration. I have had good luck with Old Navy work out clothes and GAP.

  2. I’ve never hear of Lumulemon. And maybe after this, I still won’t. I want comfortable clothes. I don’t want this riding in areas where they shouldn’t. 😬😆 Why does good clothes often times make for the most uncomfortable ones?!

  3. My favorite workout leggings are from Walmart. I’ve tried expensive ones and was never very satisfied. I also have a pair from Family Dollar, of all places, that I love. Moral of the story, good and comfortable doesn’t have to be expensive. 😁

  4. I’m a fan of Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret workout leggings. I’m not sure if VS still makes athletic apparel, but my 2 favorite Capri leggings came from there.

    1. I have no idea what is going on at Victoria’s Secret now that they’ve done away with the catalogs! But capri leggings are the only style I like. I will have to investigate 🙂

  5. Try Fabletics! I’m a bit addicted to the cute prints and the high-waisted pants do not go anywhere. I also treated myself to a pair of Lululemon…not only did the waist roll but the ankles aren’t tight. Strange.

    1. I got the capris so they are tight all the way down! lol I’ve been wondering how Fabletics is and would like to try them some time. LuLulemon is getting a second chance to make a good impression on Monday 🙂

  6. Try Athleta – lululemon seems more concerned with being trendy than quality fabrics lately. I do love the lululemon luxtreme line…many of the others are extremely thin.

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