Cosplay Tutorial: Changing the Color of Leather, Pleather and PVC

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right color shoe to match your cosplay! Or the right color of anything vinyl or leather when it goes beyond the usual black. This is an easy way to change the color of any vinyl, leather, pleather or PVC shoe or material with a type of spray paint you find in an auto store. The spray is made for changing the color of car seats so it’s made to soak in and stay flexible.

changing the color of vinyl or leather with spray paint

I use this technique a lot and it works way better than regular spray paint. If you’ve tried that then you know how it will flake off and crack after one wearing. I’ve had good luck with Dupli Color Vinyl and Fabric paint. This brand has some colors that are harder to find in-store, like purple and blue. You can always find red, black and tan at any auto parts store.

It works best to use several light layers so it has time to soak in. Make sure you stuff your shoes with tissue paper to avoid painting the inside and also cover any zippers or parts you don’t want painted with tape.

I did a video showing this technique on my YouTube channel:

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