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My Week in Review – Park Hops, Lululemon Comes Calling, Doorknobs, and All the Tomatoes

This past week the garden has been blowing up with goodies from tomatoes to beans, and I’m trying to incorporate as much as possible in our meals. We made a visit to our old neighborhood for a Jax Moms Blog Park Hop and will definitely be adding the next one to our calendar. I learned where we keep the bedroom door key a little too late and removed the whole doorknob to rescue a panicking toddler. And finally, I complained about my Lululemon leggings and got a surprise phone call.

My Week in Review 6/25- 7/1

So many tomatoes! First the first time, I’ve had some success growing tomatoes. I don’t think my old garden got enough sunlight. But this year I’ve grown beefsteak, cherry and roma tomatoes. I pick tomatoes every day! And then my neighbor gave me some neat colorful ones from his garden, so I’ve been cooking up a storm with all these fresh ingredients. I also learned to make fried green tomatoes and will now be making that one of my go-to dishes. Really easy and delicious!

Spicy sauce recipe: plain yogurt, squirt of ranch dressing, dash of sriracha sauce, tbsp. lemon juice, and a little garlic salt

My son accidentally locked himself in his bedroom and was having a complete meltdown on the other side of the door while I tried to figure out what to do. The old “bobby pin in the door handle” didn’t work, so I decided to remove the doorknob.

When I managed to get the pieces off and he could see me through the hole, he calmed down a bit. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t get it open because it was locked in place. I finally got in touch with my husband who let me know there WAS A KEY the whole time! Arrrgh! It was down the hall, on top of the bathroom door. A little thing that looked like a flathead screwdriver. Two seconds and the lock was popped, door opened and mom saved the day, woohoo!


My most popular post from the past week was “Lululemon Makes Me Feel Fat,” which lead to a phone call from the manager of our local Lululemon store about five hours after I posted it. Wow, they work fast! They had my number because they take all your info when you make a purchase.

My first thought was, “Oh crap, people are actually reading this stuff.”

Quickly followed by “Oh yay! People are reading this stuff!” lol

The manager was really nice and invited me to the store for a better fitting and to find the right pair of leggings for me. She said in no way were they supposed to be flipping down and fitting the way I described in my article. I was totally impressed with the way the situation was handled and am looking forward to my visit on Monday!


And finally, we made it to our first Jax Moms Blog Park Hop and enjoyed the free orange sherbert, bug spray sample, kids games and a visit from Tinkerbell. This was the first time we’d been back to the park in our old neighborhood and I have been trying to find the pic of Keelan that I took there when he was a baby. It was his first picture on a slide! I wanted to do a side-by-side, but no luck finding the original so far.

That’s it for this past week! Not much on the calendar for next week, but will probably involve lots of prepping for an upcoming trip to Ireland and then a big cosplay event two days after we return. 

So how was your week?

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