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Week in Review – Little Bakers, LeeLoo, Cake Truffles and InsTiles

This week we went to Panera for their fun (and super cute) bakers-in-training class, got back to work on costume making for the Halloween season, learned to make cake truffles and tried out cool photo tiles from InsTiles.

Week in Review Sept. 10-16

Little Bakers – The highlight of our week was definitely the Panera Bakers-in-Training class. When my friend contacted me, I actually said no at first because it said it was geared to ages 5-12. But all ages are welcome with a parent, so I figured why not give it a try. It was just $20 and totally worth it for the adorable apron and hat alone!


Multi-Pass! – I got back to work on costume stuff since Halloween is just around the corner and I’ve still got a lot of leftover materials to clear out. I’m slowly turning them all into costumes and putting them in my Sew Geek Mama Etsy shop. My latest project is turning a box of orange vinyl into LeeLoo suspenders. I have enough to do nine pair, then the costume will be retired!

I leveled up my baking – I was really excited that a few of these Grand Marnier Chocolate Cake Truffles turned out right. I had about 75% of them look a little rough. Still delicious! But there was a bit of a learning curve on the double boiler and the dipping technique. It was also my first time putting together a double boiler. I’ll post the recipe next week!

Let’s decorate! – We haven’t hung much up on the walls since we moved, so I was happy to try out insTiles movable photo tiles. It’s an app that transforms your phone photos into neat cardboard tiles that can be repositioned or moved to a new spot without damaging your walls. Pretty cool! The print quality is excellent and the tiles themselves are on really thick foam board so they stand out from the wall a bit. Look for Photo Tiles by insTiles in your app store!

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