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Week in Review – Birthday Pancakes, Two Cosplay Events and a Review of the TYME Iron Pro

My son was sick all last week and then after a week of sleeping with him coughing in my face, it finally got me! Right before my birthday too. Then I had two big events in the same day. And to wrap things up, I got to try making curls with the TYME Iron Pro curling iron with my neighbor, a professional hairdresser. I can tell you we did not have as much luck with it as those ads on Instagram!

Week in Review Sept. 17-23

Happy Birthday to me! – I turned 43 this past Friday. Unfortunately on Thursday I came down with whatever bug my son passed on to me and was miserable. My husband decided to drive four hours home to take care of our son for the night so I could get some rest. And then he made me birthday pancakes the next morning and drove four hours back to work. Between the much needed rest and the sweet surprise, I started feeling better pretty quickly and was able to do the two big events I had planned for Saturday.

Birthday Pancakes

Two big events – Saturday morning started with Mandarin MiniCon, an event I helped start when I had my boutique. I’m still involved a little, mostly with the costume contest side of things. This year we went with a Renaissance theme. Unfortunately it was a thousand degrees outside and that made all ren-wear hot and uncomfortable. I decided to go with a simple pirate outfit. The highlight of the event for Keelan was making slime with the Ghostbusters.

Then that evening was Retro Hero GAAM night at the Museum of Science and History. They were kicking off a really cool new Hall of Heroes exhibit. The MOSH exhibit divides the spectrum of superpowers into four categories – powers of the body, powers of mastery, powers over the elements and the powers of gadgets. The party was 80s themed so we did The Misfits from Jem and the Holograms. I was Roxy. And I was pooped after being sick, then dressing up twice in one day! But it was still fun to be out and see all the cool superhero stuff.

And now it’s time for the TYME – So, if you are in Instagram, you may have seen an ad for the TYME Style Pro, a new type of styling tool that is supposed to create these easy curls all over your head in just 10 minutes and stay for days! And it costs nearly $200! As a fan of curls, I really wanted to know if it worked. It looked REALLY cool. My neighbor works at a salon and a client left one there because she couldn’t get it to work. So she came over to my house to see if we could get it to make those magical curls! (spoiler alert, we could not) 

Update Jan. 2020: After over 50,000 views I ended up removing the video from YouTube. The curling iron is not easy to use right out of the box so we had a hard time making pretty curls like the Instagram video. There were a lot of comments and criticism that we didn’t learn how to use it first. And it’s true- we did not. We were trying it for the first time and showing it was not that easy. I just felt like there was too much negativity over it and decided to remove it.


And that concludes another week in review! I’m curious if anyone else had tried this curling iron? And how your results were?

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