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Week in Review – WasabiCon, Rooster Fin Games and STL Ocarinas

This week was mostly focused on getting ready for WasabiCon weekend! I had to finish my costume and help a friend make her’s as well. On the home front we tried out a couple games from Rooster Fin Games and Keelan took up the ocarina as his new favorite instrument.

Week in Review – Oct. 15 – 21

WasabiCon – This week was all about finishing costumes, packing and prepping for the big convention weekend. I found all my cosplay prints I was supposed to get rid of last year, so I decided to do one last guest spot and sign at the cosplay table on Saturday. (they got lost when we moved) We worked all week to finish costumes on time, which meant hand-sewing, hot gluing, stapling and duct taping Effie’s costume together! It was her very first convention and she was completing our FF-X2 Lady Luck trio.

The con was packed on Saturday! We spent some time hanging out at the bar, wandering around, taking pics, doing a couple panels and then at the end of the day went to Nacho Taco in full costume, lol.


Rooster Fin Games – This week we tried a couple games from Rooster Fin Games – Mahawkz and PongCano. I thought Keelan would be into the throwing part, and he was! Just not necessarily the throwing it where you’re supposed to part. He was super excited to have his very own volcano and promptly took it to go fill with tiny cars. My house is now covered with PongCano chips and ping pong balls with mohawks. Rooster Fin actually has a lot of fun family games available and you can even sign up for FREE printable games on their website: https://roosterfin.com/

Also click here to check out our unboxing on IG TV!

STL Ocarinas – I’m working on a full blog post about these ocarinas from STLocarina.com, but we had to take them out and play with them right away since I was going to WasabiCon dressed as Link on Sunday and his instrument of choice is an ocarina. Click here to watch our unboxing video! Keelan loves anything that makes noise so he was really excited to try them and now asks to take it outside to “call the birdies.” He thinks the whistle noise sounds like birds. It reminds me of the recorder I used to play in school, so I thought it was neat to read on their website that some schools are using ocarinas instead of the recorder! I think it would have been really cool to learn to play it in school. Look for the full blog post and more pics soon!

That’s it for this week! We’ve got another busy week ahead preparing for the big cruise. I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to take a blog break for a couple weeks or set some to auto-post. The only issue with that is that I have to figure out time to write a bunch before we leave! eeek! Hope you all have a good week. I’m just going to try and not stress over my to-do list, lol.

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