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Week in Review: My Little Valentine, a Win from Jax Mom’s Blog, Snow in Florida and Goliath Games

This past week we celebrated Valentine’s Day with two cute little guys and a sunset beach stroll, I won $100 gift card to Winn-Dixie from Jacksonville Mom’s Blog, we made it snow in Florida and tried out a bunch of fun games.

Week in Review: February 11 – 17, 2019

We celebrated this Valentine’s Day with a very traditional champagne toast and beautiful sunset beach stroll, but with the untraditional twist of it being with my friend Effie and her son Alex. Both of our husband’s travel a lot for work so they were gone for the holiday and we figured we’d take the boys out and celebrate in our own way. Unfortunately I didn’t get to enjoy the champagne due to my new migraine medication rendering me completely unable to taste carbonation. (It’s SO WEIRD!) But we had a great night filled with sandcastles, dolphin spotting and later PAW Patrol and pigs-in-a-blanket. And I switched to wine that requires no carbonation.

I also lucked out that week by winning a $100 gift card to Winn-Dixie courtesy of Jacksonville Mom’s Blog and their Valentine promotion. They had a contest on Facebook where you leave a comment and tag someone and they pick a random winner and I was that random person! Woohoo! That did give me a little Valentine boost. You know that’s one gift card that’s not going to waste.


Snow in Florida! It was a crazy 80 degree day in January when I decided to pull out the Zimpli Kids Sno Ball Play and pretend like we were living in a winter wonderland. You just mix the packets with water and you get fluffy white goo that can be squished together to make snowballs!

Keelan was VERY interested in this “snow” because he’s only heard about snow and seen it on TV. He kept asking me if it was real snow and I had to explain it was pretend snow and someday we’d go see real snow. He forgot all about it not being “real” once we mixed in the water and he got to stick his hands in the gooey mix. He wasn’t too good at making actual snowballs yet, but he was good at flinging snow goo, so I was happy that it was biodegradable and easy to wash off the patio because it ended up all over everything. The Zimpli SnoBall Play was a fun little way to pretend we had snow for an afternoon, even here in sunny Florida.

And now for this week’s Product Sponsor – Goliath Games/Pressman Toy Company

Goliath Games and Pressman Toy Company not only sent us a cool selection of games to try out, but they will be sponsoring the Hump Day Giveaway this Wednesday with a fun Family Prize Pack of games featuring Googly Eyes, Sequence and Rummikub! So be sure to check back for that on Wednesday for a chance to win all three fun games!


While some of the games were a little too complicated for my three-year-old, that didn’t dampen his enthusiasm for opening and attempting to play each one, followed my complete mayhem and destruction. He is CERTAIN he not only knows what he is doing with these games, but that he is also winning each time. Whatever keeps them busy and happy, right?

That’s it for this week and my slightly late Week in Review post. I figure I might as well post it a little late. I’m still sick, but I got some cold meds and am gobbling those at a steady pace. They seem to be taking the edge off my misery. And just getting a little something done always makes me feel better too. 

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  1. looks like a fun week. when we lived in FL and we’d see snow at Disney and places like that my boys started calling it “Florida snow”. While I don’t know the game googly eyes, I do know the other two. Sequence is a great game for many ages. There is a sequence jr with animals which would be a fun version for you to play with your son


    • I bet he’d like the one with animals! It was definitely “Florida snow” lol.
      It rained today and I didn’t realize it had gotten all over the driveway and I looked out the window and thought it had been hailing! Looked like big ice chunks all over the place 😆


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