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Summer is Coming to an End

I feel like I was just preparing for summer and now it’s flown by. We are on our last week of Summer Camp, then a short vacation trip to see family and then school starts! How does it happen so quickly?


Summer Camp has been a total blessing. I was really worried I’d have to drag my son there every morning, but he loves it and runs through gate on his own. I’ve loved having my mornings free to get things done and sometimes enjoy doing nothing for a moment. It’s a very rare moment these days that I can sit and do nothing. Or just sit quietly and hear myself think. I always have a big list of “things to get done.”

Last summer I didn’t have any camp planned, and thought I’d just power through with no help, and by July I was losing my mind and seriously unhappy. I wasn’t going to let that happen again, especially with a husband deployed, so I had camp planned several months in advance this summer! Best. Idea. Ever.

It also gave me a little preview of what it will be like with VPK this year – having a schedule every morning, packing a lunch every day, etc. I am SO ready!

When I was a kid, I lived for summer. As an adult, it didn’t really matter what season it was. But now as a mom with a school-age kid, Back to School is officially my favorite time of the year! I feel like I’m finally going to get a little bit of myself back. The part of me that isn’t making snacks, wiping noses and constantly answering to mommy, mommy, mommyyyyyy. And that is something a desperately need.





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  1. I remember those years. Keeping a little one busy is so hard and then they grow older and you never see them lol.

    Summer camps are always fun, we sent my youngest to one last year and she loved it.


    • I am a big fan of summer camp now! I never did any when I was little, but most of my friends didn’t either. It seems to be the norm now though, and there’s a zillion different types and themes.


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