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Week in Review: Baby Fish, Kids Hands On Museum, Chocolate Cookies and Sprinkles and Wishes

We had an amazing trip to LEGOLAND last week and came home to a pond full of baby fish! We also made Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies, visited the Jacksonville Hands-On Children’s Museum and did an unboxing for a fun box of stickers and goodies from Sprinkles and Wishes. 

Week in Review : July 6 – 13

My goldfish had a babies!

So this is what happens when you leave for five days. Your goldfish get busy and you come home to a pond full of babies! I never saw any indication that they were going to have babies and I stare at these fish nearly every day. I had no idea they were expecting! So now I have about 6 – 10 new fish. They are zooming around so fast it’s hard to count, and to take a decent photo.

I didn’t really want any more fish, but I’ve actually been enjoying checking on them every day!

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

My son and I made these cookies, inspired by a dinner of chips, salsa and enchiladas. They are SO GOOD! Not too sweet and just a hint of spice.

I used this recipe from Martha Stewart: https://www.marthastewart.com/336516/mexican-hot-chocolate-cookies

And made two changes: I substituted 3 tsp. of Baking Powder for the Cream of Tartar and baked at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

I also suggest putting the dough in the freezer for about 15 minutes first because otherwise it is very sticky and hard to work with.

We got handsy at the museum

It’s been while since we visited the Jacksonville Children’s Hands-On Museum, over a year at least, and when we went back it was exactly the same. The pirate ship is still stinky, everything is kind of old and beat-up and it seems a lot of the pieces are missing to things. But kids don’t care about that! There’s a lot of to look at and get into, so we do have fun every time we go. It was more expensive now that my son is four, but not bad at $5.50 a person. Just remember to bring food if you want to make the visit last longer. They have a little eating area out back, but there’s no food available for purchase.

And now for this week’s sponsor: Sprinkles and Wishes Subscription Box


We had fun unboxing the Sprinkles and Wishes subscription box, available on CrateJoy. For just $11.95/mo. and free shipping,  you can get a “box of HAPPY” delivered to your doorstep! It also makes a great gift for your tween, pre-tween or the young at heart.

Each box will contain TWO themed Wish Bracelets, stickers, a writing tool and other fun goodies. The July box had a body art tattoo and neat LED star lights! Plus my son’s favorite thing- candy!

Check out our Sprinkles and Wishes unboxing on YouTube:

On the Blog Next Week:

We’ll be checking out bug zappers with a Dynatrap Focus Group from Tryazon and trying not to break anything on Adult Skate Night at SK8 City in Jacksonville.

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