Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks: Monster Truckz, Blues Clues, Just CBD and TikTok Cosplay

This week the Editor’s Picks line-up includes the Monster Truckz crummy no refund policy even when they cancel the show, a 25% off promo code for Just CBD, an awesome giveaway from Blue’s Clues and a new reason to cosplay with TikTok transformation videos. Quite a mish-mash of topics, so let’s get started!

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kids at the Monster Truckz cancelled show

Monster Truckz Show Cancels with No Refunds

This one is really irritating me today so it’s at the top of my topics list. It all started with my son bringing home a free kid’s ticket for the Monster Truckz show. We decided to go with some friends and purchased our tickets online. The website states the show is “rain or shine” but when we showed up, we were told it was cancelled due to all the rain. There was too much mud on the track so they couldn’t put on the show.

We drove an hour to get there, there was no notice on the website, no e-mail message to ticket holders, not even a sign outside letting people arrive know! They said we could use our tickets for a different show, and when I asked about a refund, I was given a slip of paper with an e-mail to contact. So I e-mailed and was told the policy is “No Refunds.” How can you not refund someone’s money for an event you didn’t put on?? So the only thing we got out of it was watching them wash a monster truck and taking pics of the kids in front of it. (*I disputed it with the credit card company later and I did actually get my money back.)


Blues Clues Giveaway Ends Friday

In case you missed our silly unboxing video and the blog post, Geek Mamas is giving away a really cool Family Karaoke Night Prize Pack from Blue’s Clues and You! Click here to check out the giveaway post, drop a comment and fill out the form. The winner will be chosen Friday night and contacted by e-mail.

Blues Clues Sing Along Spectacular

Save 25% Off Just CBD

I always jump on the 25% discount code for Just CBD when they have one, so right now you can use code JUST19 and save 25%. And if that one has expired, then my promo code GEEK20 will save you 20% off. I highly recommend the gummy worms if you are looking to try CBD and not sure how much to take or where to start. One gummy worm is the perfect dose, and they are delicious! I’ve tried their gummy bears too, but I gobble those up too fast, lol.

Click here to try JUST CBD , scroll down and click on CBD gummies to find the worms. Then click on a size and each one will have all the gummy flavor options. These ones are just called “worms.” If you are confused about the milligram options, that refers to how much the container holds, so gummies in a 250 mg jar are the same strength as the 3000 mg jar. I always go for the 3000 mg for the best price and free shipping. I haven’t been without these since ending up in the ER from a panic attack.

Save 25% off Just CBD

Cosplay Transformations on TikTok

I still don’t like TikTok all that much, but I do like the editing options and filters. And yes this video is from my Instagram account, because I don’t know how to embed TikTok videos yet. You can find me on there @SewGeekMama

I’ve been having fun doing “cosplay transformation” videos and coming up with different ideas to do the magical transforming from geek mom to superhero thing. With no conventions or events, I’m really enjoying making up a reason to dress up.

That wraps up another week of Editor’s Picks! So beware of Monster Truckz and their awful no refund policy, enter to win a cool prize pack from Blue’s Clues, chill out with Just CBD and follow me on TikTok if you like costumes.

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