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Earn Money While Shopping with Rakuten

If you aren’t using Rakuten while online shopping this holiday, you are missing out! I’ve been using it for years, back when it was called eBates, and have gotten over $1500 back since using it. It’s totally free, easy to sign up, and you usually save even more because they have promo codes.

Click here to sign up!

Check the Deals Before You Shop

Rakuten is usually the first place I go when I want to get something online and I’m not using Amazon. I also have the Rakuten pop-up installed on my browser so it will detect if I happen to be on a page that offers cash back and ask me if I want to activate it.

They have tons of different places to shop, and I always save money if I’m sending flowers or gifts. I usually get nearly $100 back every Christmas, and as I was doing my shopping this year, I remembered they have the referral program so I figured why not share it! I even got money back from using Snapfish for my Christmas cards.

They do the payouts monthly and they will send you a check, or send it right to your PayPal. It’s a nice little bonus when it adds up! I totally recommend trying it. Just please use my link so we can both get the bonus $$!

You’re going to want a rebate on that one… lol

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