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A Reminder of My Little Miracle from Giving Tree Gallery

“When you need a miracle, just look at your child and realize you created one.” This is the quote wrapped around the edges of a beautiful piece of art known as a Spiritile, gifted to me for review by the Giving Tree Gallery. I don’t normally do full review posts involving just one item, but this one inspired me with its message. It’s a heartfelt reminder that I sometimes need after a very long day of parenting.

miracle child spiritile

If you’ve read my blog for some time, or follow my Facebook, you may have noticed I’m not one of those mushy “every moment is a gift” kind of moms. If I’ve had a rough day because my kid has had one long extended tantrum, I’m going to be blatantly honest and not sugarcoat it under some motherly love sentiment about how I’ll supposedly miss this one day.

And I can also guarantee that one day in the future I’ll be eating those words, and you’re going to read about how much I miss my son being a tiny little boy that needed me for everything.

Because that’s how this motherhood thing works. Deep down under all the stress of being a parent, there’s always going to be a whole lot of love. And for my husband and I, after many frustrating years of trying to start a family and eventually turning to IVF, our little boy really is a miracle. We tried everything from acupuncture to intrauterine insemination, and even after turning to an aggressive round of in-vitro, we only got one egg. We had one shot. We knew it was going to take a miracle.

And next thing you know, that little miracle is peeing on the floor or laughing as he shoots you in the butt with a Nerf gun. He’s making messes and refusing bath time. He’s screaming his head off because you opened the door for him when he wanted to do it himself. And it gets to a point that it’s a miracle you aren’t wringing his little neck.

So that’s when I have to stop. Breathe. And take a minute to gather myself. Because really I guess every moment IS a gift. Just sometimes I wish those moments came with a return option.

The Giving Tree Gallery – Artisan Jewelry and Home Decor

And that leads me into this very nice item I definitely won’t be wanting to return – this unique art piece made of molten glass on copper. Every Houston Lllew Spiritile is designed to “connect to a motivation of the self,” and every image has an inspiring story wrapped around its edges.

The Giving Tree Gallery has tons of beautiful jewelry and artistic home decor. If you’ve seen the cool butterfly chairs at the St. Johns Town Center, they have those on their website too! It was incredibly hard to narrow down a choice because there are so many pretty things in their gallery, but this artwork and its message leaped out at me as I was having a particularly rough day and having a hard time mustering up those feelings of unconditional motherly love.

If you are looking for a unique and special gift, I highly recommend checking out the Giving Tree Gallery. Their product collection is gorgeous and high quality, and even their packaging and presentation is done beautifully.

giving-tree-gallery (2)

And next time you see me complaining about my little monster, oops I mean miracle, just know that its all from a place of love. Crazy, heartfelt, unconditional motherly love. ❤

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