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My Top Five Reasons for Amazon Returns, aka Blame it on the Toddler

I was not a member of Amazon Prime until I became a mom. Now I understand not only the incredible convenience of not leaving the house to purchase much needed things, but the value of being able to return items for free for any reason. And when they say “any reason” that includes the crazy reasons moms run into. I feel like there should be a box to check on the return form for “reason returning” that just says “toddler.” I really think that says it all.

For Example:

  1. We ordered a training potty that looked like a car. The wheels on the box looked black. The wheels were in fact, a light grey. Toddler refuses to get anywhere near potty because he’s convinced it is the wrong one.
  2. I got a cool rug that had roads on it because the toddler LOVED playing with it a friend’s house. I was so excited to show him when it arrived. He screamed, threw it and ran away. I put it on the ground hoping he would come around. He refused to touch it and I gave up after a week. rug.jpg
  3. Bought shoe size toddler was wearing that day. Shoes arrives two days later. They are now too small.
  4. Bought a racetrack and made the mistake of showing the toddler the box.  I should know better than this, due to previous experience, but I let him see the box and help me open it. There were cars on the box. There were no cars IN the box. Toddler is convinced cars have gone missing and tantrum ensues every time racetrack is brought out. Racetrack has now gone bye-bye.
  5. I was drinking wine after a long hard day of momming, ended up on Amazon and bought myself jeans, shoes, nail polish…whatever it was, something I didn’t need, didn’t entirely remember ordering and then when it showed up it was ridiculously small, big or a weird color because I didn’t read the fine print. Technically this one is my fault, but I still blame it on the toddler because…wine.
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So what’s the last thing you returned on Amazon?



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