How My Mommy Blog Makes Me Be a Better Mom, or Just Look Like One

Let’s get this straight right away, the title is meant to be funny. I DON’T mean “a better mom than You.” I mean a better mom than I might have been or appeared to be. And it’s all just for fun anyway. This is about all the things I totally set up just for the sake of blog articles or promotion campaigns. Things where I pretend to have it together, wear lip gloss and not wear my visible sports bra inside out not just once, but twice this week.

Things like: a nice folded pile of my husband’s shirts, everyone sitting down to a family dinner, or even a neatly made bed. Things that are “real life” but not really real in my life. But then, I’m really doing them, and enjoying doing it, so then it actually becomes real life. It’s life imitating art that’s imitating life.

So here I am to blow my cover and confess the things I do and post in my “blog life” but don’t necessarily fit in with my daily life!

Extra fancy laundry – Let start with that nice folded pile of my husband shirts I just mentioned. My husband doesn’t even like his shirts to be folded! So I normally hang them over the back of a chair so they can be hung up without getting folded creases. I was testing out Downy Unstopables and wanted to take a photo of the fresh clean laundry with the package. So not only did I do extra laundry that day so I could test out the scent, but then folded it all instead of leaving it in a giant pile for three days. See? Better mom already! Everyone has fresh clean laundry and I got my posts done.

Family dinners at the table – Our schedule is all over the place, so dinner as a family is usually my husband and I eating at 9PM, in front of the TV, after our son has gone to bed. He will start demanding a hot dog around 5PM and not be interested in anything I’ve cooked if I try to serve him a real meal. But sometimes we make it work! Especially if I need to get a photo of it. So this lovely family meal was brought to you by Prego Cooking Sauces and BzzAgent.

I started baking! And it’s organic! – Because what’s more “mom” than home baked goods? Thanks to my brand ambassadorship with Miss Jones Baking Co, I’m a baking machine, whipping up cookies and brownies all the time with their organic mixes. Just have to make sure I get a photo every time, post and tag!

I make myself look nice – I’m all for doing my hair and makeup, but often if I have to skimp on time, then I just run out the door without even a brush through my hair. But if I have some kind of blog thing where I need to be in the photos, then I make a little extra effort to look nice, since it cuts down on time spent trying to filter the heck out of my photos. So I actually look a little nicer on a regular basis.

I made the bed – I am the kind of person who NEVER makes the bed! But I have made the bed on more than one occasion because I needed a photo of it. I made it in this photo because I was doing a blog about a weighted anxiety blanket from Weighting Comforts. And then I made it again when I did a blog post about sheets. That’s twice in the last couple months!

Weighting Comforts Cool Max blanket in light grey

Weighting Comforts COOLMAX blanket in light grey

I make homemade popcorn! – Using sustainable palm oil from Malaysia no less. Before I was sent a bottle of palm oil to write a blog about, I never even considered making anything but microwaved popcorn. Once I actually made the homemade stuff and with the palm oil that makes it look like it’s smothered in butter, but it’s not, I was hooked. I make popcorn on the stove all the time now. It’s way less expensive and so easy to toss in plastic baggies for single serve options. Just a little salt and no butter so it’s healthier and yummy!

Popcorn made with palm oil

Homemade popcorn!

I also made fancy Valentine cards off Pinterest, joined two educational kid’s websites, and done many other things all in the name of blogging. And I had fun doing it all! Blogging about mom stuff has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and given me the needed motivation to try new things or just try a little harder sometimes. I have been having a great time with this blog stuff and I really enjoy sharing my experiences.

Now it’s your turn! So what have you done for the sake of blogging? I want to know πŸ™‚


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  1. I have read so many really creative bloggers doing wonderful poetry. I thought I would have a go at one for the blog. Spent 2 days coming up with a poem about the end of summer days. Before I posted it I read it to my son who just burst into laughter and said it was the most rubbish thing he had ever heard. I thankfully came to my senses and binned it. My son still ribs me about it.


  2. I honestly find the whole blogging thing to be therapeutic in a way. I can basically say whatever comes to mind. Almost like a diary or a journal. And maybe, just maybe, someone might read it and it might help them πŸ™‚


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