An Honest Thanksgiving Post

While I’m trying to write this, my son is sitting on my lap yelling “put on Reading Eggs! Mommy mommy mommy…reading eggs…reading eggs…” while the dog barks incessantly at the window where she can see my husband outside chatting with neighbors.

All I asked for this evening was some time to get my blog posts done. Maybe a quiet hour or two. I had a paid post I needed to get out on time, along with the accompanying social media stuff. It takes some time to get it all done, edited and posted. And I’ve done at it ALL with constant noise, a demanding sick child, and maybe 30 minutes total quiet time when my son spent some time outside with his dad.

So maybe you can guess I might be feeling most thankful for my amazing self-restraint at not turning into a screaming mutha-effing shrew right about this moment. I am thankful at the attempt to help me out with that brief moment of silence in which I was able to hear myself think enough to hopefully publish something without too many errors. I am thankful I know this time in life is a passing moment, and it won’t always be like this with me trying to get a shred of personal time to get things done. I am thankful I love my son, my husband and my life enough to know this is all small potatoes and there will be a day in the future where I wonder where the time went and why my son isn’t trying to climb in my lap and demand my attention.

So yes, I am annoyed AF but still somehow thankful.

I guess that’s love, lol.

Hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and remember to be thankful for all moments, whether they be picture-perfect or you just trying to make it all work, they are all just part of life. And life, good or bad, is how you perceive it. And as I type this, my husband is giving our son a bath, and kisses, and couldn’t be sweeter. So I’m glad I didn’t blow up. Yes, sometimes it’s hard and you feel underappreciated and you just want to scream at people, but my advice is to bide your time. Someday, you might need to erupt. Now, is not the time. Now is a good time to sit back and take stock in all the good and enjoy the holiday season.

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to stop by and read the words I have typed out this year. I am incredibly thankful for my blog readers. You make it possible for me to continue being annoyed that my family won’t let me get my work done. KIDDING… just kidding. But really. You make it possible for me to do this job I really really love doing. Have a happy holiday season everyone 🙂




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