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Fun Things to Do with Dinosaur Feet

If you happen to have a pair of dinosaur slippers and are interested in taking them beyond the lounging stage and really make them live up to their potential, here’s your handy guide! Featuring the awesome roaring dinosaur slippers from

what can you do with dinosaur slippers

These ferociously fun Dinosaur Feet Slippers are made with a velvety green scale-textured fabric with three large white claws on each foot and every third step they let out a dinosaur roar! Perfect for rampaging around the house and trampling everything in your path. The comfy slippers feature foam foot beds with a non-slip grip on the sole, so your dinosaur will be stable on his feet while terrorizing small LEGO towns.

Fun Things to Do with Dino Feet

To save on blog space, I recently updated this post and put the videos all together in one post on YouTube:

Watch as we crush LEGO towns, harass the dog and upgrade our dinosaur costume! And be sure to check out for all your slipper needs.

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