Fun Things to Do with Dinosaur Feet

If you happen to have a pair of dinosaur slippers and are interested in taking them beyond the lounging stage and really make them live up to their potential, here’s your handy guide! Featuring the new roaring dinosaur slippers from

what can you do with dinosaur slippers

These ferociously fun Dinosaur Feet Slippers are made with a velvety green scale-textured fabric with three large white claws on each foot and every third step they let out a dinosaur roar! Perfect for rampaging around the house and trampling everything in your path. The comfy slippers feature foam footbeds with a non-slip grip on the sole, so your dinosaur will be stable on his feet while terrorizing small Lego towns.

Fun Things to Do with Dino Feet


It’s Kaiju time!
Ever want to live out your Godzilla fantasies of crushing small buildings while roaring and spewing fire? Well we’ve got you covered on everything but the spewing fire part. We were short on Lego blocks (possibly because I’ve been hiding them when I find them on the floor) so we made a unique little town that swiftly met an untimely fate:


Annoy the Cats
Maybe you’ve seen the videos of cats and cucumbers? If you haven’t, Google it, it’s hilarious. Apparently, the are not as impressed by Dinosaur Slippers. The orange cat Gizmo wanted nothing to do with them and went running, but Wednesday couldn’t care less.


Harass the Dog
And let’s not leave the dog out of the fun! She isn’t all that excited, but she’s 15 and to be honest, doesn’t get very excited about anything except dinner time. Maybe I should have put a sausage between the dino toes.


Upgrade Your Dinosaur Cosplay
Check our little Spyro. Yes I know he’s technically a dragon, but it still works. The dinosaur feet don’t roar as easily on little toddler feet because the roaring mechanism is in the heel, but that didn’t stop this little dragon from rampaging around the neighborhood. The slippers are One Size and fit up to a Women’s 10.5 or Men’s 9, or as seen here on a Toddler 7.5.


All these things and more can be done with your fancy dino feet slippers! Get out there and be the best dinosaur you can be- Rawrrrr!

And check out for all your slipper needs. Look for their Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials announced on the website front page.


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