A Day of Play at the Greenhouse Playhouse in Jacksonville

There’s a new place to play for the under five set, at The Greenhouse Playhouse in Jacksonville Beach, FL. We checked it out last week and had a pretty good time, from jumping in the ball pit to racing boats at the water table. It’s a good place for the little ones to explore and get some energy out for a few hours.

water table at greenhouse playhouse

Montessori-Inspired Play, Wooden Toys and Eco-friendly Products

The Greenhouse Playhouse is a 3500+ sq. ft. indoor Montessori-inspired play space for infants and children five and under. There’s no membership required and you can drop in and play seven days a week.

My son’s favorite activity was the unique interactive water table. It’s a very popular spot and the floor and kids both end up getting wet, so I suggest bringing a change of clothes for the kiddo and an extra pair of socks for yourself. Kids can go barefoot, but adults need to wear socks. Mine ended up getting a bit wet, because I admittedly wanted to play with cool table too. There’s a neat water tornado and a dry ice bubble thing I just had to check out. I think my son was mostly thrilled that he was allowed to turn the faucet off and on as much as he wanted.


Climb, Slide and Swing in the Custom Treehouse

There’s plenty of space to run and play, and a large “treehouse” with swings and slides. Adults need to be careful here because socks are slippery on the carpeted incline going up to the treehouse top. There’s also a smaller play set off to the left that’s perfect for the littler ones, with two slides and climbing areas.

In the very back is a room where they hold classes and birthday parties. They were having a free Stretch-n-Grow class while we were there and the place was packed, but it cleared out around noon, i.e. nap time. We had the place to ourselves for a bit until the next wave came in.


We spent a lot of time in the kitchen/grocery area, which was oddly sparse compared to the website photo and description of a “fully stocked grocery corner.” It was more like a Publix during a hurricane warning (haha). The little grocery carts were quite popular and I think most of the grocery goods were being piled in the carts and driven around.


The other play areas are a small train table and ball pit. There wasn’t much depth to the ball pit, it was more of a single layer over rainbow mats with various squishy blocks that the kids were using to surf over the balls. There is enough space to kick, throw and roll over the balls so this is a popular spot and gives a bit of a difference experience than the usual sinking/swimming in the ball pit.

I think The Greenhouse Playhouse has some growing to do, as some areas seem a little sparse. They’ve done a nice job so far, but the train table is definitely in need of an expansion. The good news is that they have plenty of space to work with and further develop the play areas.

In addition to the play spaces, there’s also a nice lounge area perfect for nursing (or just tired) moms, and a little bench at the front where kids can take a snack break. You are welcome to bring your own food and drink as long as it is kept at the front and not in the play area. And if you want a really fun snack break, Mini Bar Donuts is just a few stores down and you can pop in there and come back and have them work off that sugar rush.

Overall we had a fun time and I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you are looking for something new to do. A Day Pass for kids is $14, with discounts for siblings and infants. Click here to check out their pricing and membership options.

The Greenhouse Playhouse

1238 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250

(904) 372-9732


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