When Naps Suddenly Stop

baby sleepingI hate to say this, but I think nap time is coming to an end. The naps have suddenly stopped and instead become more of a drawn out fight. I’ve been dreading this day and it’s hard to accept.

Our first year was tough. So tough. We took baby nighttime shifts and slept in the guest room so the other person could get sleep without hearing the screams on the monitor. I don’t think either one of us slept more than two consecutive hours for a year and a half.

And then suddenly he started sleeping all night. It was magical. And then the 30 minute nap turned into a two hour nap. And then it became a three hour nap and I was SO thrilled. It was good times. I started getting stuff done.

But now, it’s going away. Nap time is becoming a fight and it keeps getting later and later and is messing with bedtime. We’ve skipped it some days and he did fine, and even went to bed a little earlier.

I am mostly hanging onto it because naptime=me time. I’m not ready for it to go away! I was really hoping it would last until he started kindergarten, lol. I keep trying to tell him, one day, you’ll appreciate a good nap! I know I do.

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6 thoughts on “When Naps Suddenly Stop

  1. My toddler is threatening to give up naps, too. Today he woke up after just about an hour (usually I get two) and said very clearly, “Nap over.” Here’s hoping we both get to keep the reprieve a little longer.

  2. Yep, I feel your pain. My 4yo lost her nap a year ago, and I still rue it. But it happens eventually ….. At least your son is going to bed a bit earlier, and hopefully more easily, too.

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