Get Nostalgic with Toytopia at MOSH Jacksonville

MOSH’s main exhibit until 5/16/21 is a Toytopia, a vintage toy wonderland with life-size games and tons of nostalgia. We took advantage of the free military day on Veteran’s Day, but MOSH is free for kids all through November!

toyopia at mosh jacksonville

There’s lot of stuff to play with in Toytopia- life size games like Battleship, a video arcade (all free games!), a floor piano and more. There’s also plenty of hand sanitizer stations for before and after playing the games.

The displays all have vintage toys and games along with their history and information about collectables and how they get priced. It was neat to see a lot of the old toys, and funny for my son to recognize some of his own toys because he has a big collection of my husband’s toys from the 70s. The toys we have are not worth much because they are really beat up and well-played with- they all have floppy heads so he calls them zombies! They are better off being toys and not collectibles.

We also took in a laser light show, which was a first for my husband and son. I have seen too many to count from my highschool days. Late night laser light shows are pretty much the only reason I know all the songs from Pink Floyd. It was a little intense- lots of bright flashing lights and loud music. I recall the midnight laser light shows of my youth being a much more laid back affair. I actually had to look away at some points because I was worried it was going to trigger a migraine. I think a regular planetarium show with the stars is more my speed these days.

laser light show at mosh jacksonville

We took some time to check out the rest of the exhibits too. It’s pretty neat that you don’t have to touch buttons to turn things on, you just wave your hand over the button area. We had a fun time checking everything out in Toytopia! The toys will be displayed until May, 2021 and kids get in free the whole month of November.

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